Elevate Your Comfort: Exploring the Varier Gravity Balans Chairs for Ultimate Relaxation

In the realm of innovative seating solutions, Varier introduces Gravity™, a chair designed to redefine comfort and challenge conventional notions of sitting. Crafted by the renowned Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik, Gravity™ stands as a testament to breaking free from the constraints of traditional seating. In this exploration, we delve into the multifunctional brilliance of Varier Gravity Balans Chairs, unraveling the unique design, versatile movements, and the visionary approach of Peter Opsvik.

The Visionary Design of Gravity™

Peter Opsvik, with a career spanning decades and a commitment to reshaping our sitting habits, has infused Gravity™ with a playful and human-centric design philosophy. Trained at the Bergen College of Applied Art and the Norwegian State College of Applied Art in Oslo, Opsvik’s work challenges the stereotypes associated with sitting. He envisions a dynamic relationship between rest and activity, a philosophy embedded in the very core of Gravity™.

Multifunctional Movements: A Chair for Every Posture

Gravity™ is not just a chair; it’s a dynamic companion that seamlessly transitions between various postures, offering a range of positions to suit different activities. From kneeling to fully reclined, Gravity™ adapts to your needs without the need for levers or mechanical adjustments. Opsvik’s vision of alternating between active and reclining postures finds expression in the intuitive movements of Gravity™.

Kneeling Position: The Foundation of Dynamic Sitting

Start by using Gravity™ as a kneeling chair, leaning slightly forward. This position promotes an active yet comfortable stance, engaging your core muscles. Whether working or enjoying a lively conversation, the kneeling posture sets the foundation for dynamic sitting.

Upright Position: A Shift Towards Relaxation

Transition seamlessly into an upright position by shifting your weight backward. With your feet on the floor or supported by shin cushions, experience a relaxed yet attentive posture. The versatility of Gravity™ allows you to effortlessly move from active engagement to a more laid-back stance.

Reclined Position: Embracing Weightlessness

The true magic of Gravity™ unfolds as you gently push away from the ground, leaning all the way back until your legs are elevated above your heart. This reclined position, akin to defying gravity, offers a sensation of weightlessness. The chair responds to the rhythm of your breathing, creating a unique rocking motion that invites complete relaxation.

Peter Opsvik’s Philosophy: Alternating Between Rest and Activity

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Opsvik’s design philosophy for Gravity™ reflects a fundamental truth about human behavior. “After resting for a while, we want to be active, and after being active for a while, we want to rest. Why can’t we alternate between active and reclining body postures on one and the same chair?” This question underlines the essence of Gravity™—a chair that effortlessly facilitates the natural flow between activity and relaxation.

Crafting an Aesthetic and Sustainable Experience

Beyond its functional brilliance, Gravity™ boasts an aesthetic appeal and sustainability in its construction. Opsvik’s commitment to using environmentally friendly materials aligns with the global shift towards sustainable living. The chair’s energy-efficient design, coupled with insulation systems and energy-saving windows, contributes to an eco-friendly seating solution.

Embracing the Expansive Potential of Sitting

Sitting is no longer a passive act of placing oneself on a flat surface. Gravity™ invites users to explore the expansive potential of sitting—a liberating experience that goes beyond the conventional constraints. With Gravity™, Varier encourages a new way of sitting, where comfort meets versatility, and the boundaries of traditional seating are transcended.

In conclusion, Varier Gravity Balans Chairs epitomize the fusion of innovation and ergonomic design. From Peter Opsvik’s visionary approach to the multifunctional movements of Gravity™, this chair represents a paradigm shift in how we perceive and experience sitting. Elevate your comfort, embrace dynamic sitting, and discover the unparalleled relaxation offered by Varier Gravity Balans Chairs—a testament to the artistry of seating in the modern world.

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