Wallpaper as a Canvas in Your Home!

A living room with watercolor wallpaper is soothing and inviting. This wallpaper is ideal for individuals who adore flowers as it combines the brightest blues with deeper tones and soft grays- Image source: wallsauce.com

Home is not a destination; rather, it is a way of being, a place where your spirit will find rest. Living in a home where you cannot find tranquility for your body, soul, and life would be dreadful. Your home is where you congregate, strengthen your ties to your family, and preserve your secrets, pleasures, and happiness. Every portion of the walls has a tale of the person who lived and still lives inside, and at times it appears as though they talk in a variety of languages. Walls serve as barriers, soundproofing, room dividers, and emotional stimulants. Walls have frequently been invoked in literature as symbolic representations of unspoken words, challenging personalities, and enigmatic curiosity. Although the walls communicate, they also conceal everything we don’t wish to express aloud.

“Is that it?”
“No. That’s a wall.”
“It could be disguised.”
“You’re not very good at looking for things, are you?”
“I’m good at looking for walls. Look, I found another one.”

Derek Landy, Kingdom of the Wicked

The treatment we decide to give to the wall affects the subconscious of everyone’s mind. The wall may communicate to our inner selves frequently, and other times it forces us to feel the atmosphere the wall has created. For someone, a basic wall, without paintings, without figures, without colors, would be enough to gratify his sight, to inspire creativity, to offer him calm, as Robert Rauschenberg says: “A blank canvas is full“.

However, the wall may also be that canvas on which we unroll and express our imaginations. We may pour oil and use brushes to create different lines. Because an empty wall to it may cause someone to feel uneasy, induce discomfort, and obstruct the emotional response that a more diversified surface would elicit. “It is both good and terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas,” said Paul Cezanne.

Thus, in addition to paintings or art installations, or maybe photo frames, another way to decorate a wall is using wallpaper. We can journey to places we can’t touch or see by using wallpaper. We may travel to the locations we want to go so badly, or we may generate sensations as if we were in another reality. Because of the ease of craftsmanship, the wallpaper may be changed to our preferences, providing an additional benefit for its use. As a result, humans can feel a variety of emotions in the same space across time.

Covering the wall with wallpaper is not a new technique, nor a popular trend in recent years.

Wall paper dates back to the 15th century in Europe, while in Asia even earlier.

The difference between the wallpapers produced in Europe and those of Asia, for example, the wallpapers which were imported from China, was that in Europe they were printed, while in China they were handmade.

Traditionally, wall papers have imitated the expensive life, the things of luxury. Floral motifs, details, filling paintings were applied to furnishings and furniture, and later widely also to the walls.

The motifs of the paper walls were diverse, colorful, classic, oriental, with paintings of birds and different plants, with curved or regular motifs. After the spread of use in England, France, wall paper began to be used in America as well.

Elegant Vintage wall paper in a floral theme design applied in bedroom wall – Image source: wallpaperfromthe70s.com

With the advent of modern times and the dominance of modern architecture, wall paper was seen as a false treatment and not of high value, because in itself it was an imitation, not something real. Moreover, the modern style aimed at minimalism and flat planets without decorations on them.

But, in the last decades, we are seeing a new trend. We are witnessing every day the return of the use of wallpaper in a fast and massive way. They are applied in different environments of houses or other typologies.

Its main use is in the spaces of the house, such as in the kitchen, in the bedrooms, in the living room, or in the dining room. Often a wall treated with wallpaper becomes the most dominant point of the overall space.

The style and type of wallpaper should be diverse from simple and minimalist, to contemporary, with the treatment of classical and geometric forms, or an artistic treatment as if it were a watercolor drawing. Not infrequently, a photo or real picture can be printed as wallpaper to bring alive the experience that the user of this space wants.We will introduce to you some wallpaper types and styles that you may find appropriate to employ within your home areas and enhance the living quality. 


Retro décor on a living space – Image source: wallsbyme.com

Vintage wall paper refers to the styles that were popular from 1930 until 1980. The elegant style is represented by many designs such as flowers, plants, geometric components, and so on. It is possible to build a fantastic and creative wall page with flowers and their hues. These types of examples were widely employed in the Renaissance and Art Nouveau styles. Similarly, geometric forms, as prevalent in the 1950s and 1970s, are now a vintage style habit, resulting in remarkable puzzles with the mix of colors and designs. Another way to appreciate the Damask style is to go for a more expressive approach or to blend it with floral or figurative themes. You may also choose another Vintage Style, such as Pop Art. Letters, geometric forms and figures, or portraits are blended with vibrant colors to produce a one-of-a-kind design.

Geometrical wallpaper derived from diamond shape in green and black hues – Image source: cdme3030.wordpress.com


Brick wallpaper with industrial treatment, brick wall not fully plaster on top of it – Image source: wallpaperfromthe70s.com

The industrial interior design style is influenced by historic manufacturing buildings, minimalist and severe architecture. The rough surfaces of raw materials with an uneven and unfinished look represent this style.  Large factories were utilized to mass-produce products as the industrial style took root in the twentieth century. These factories were treated primarily for their purpose, with no time or money wasted on refinishing or decorating, whether internal or external. Industrial wall paper may be made of any material you can think of. It might be a single brick wall, a rough or smooth concrete wall, or a combination of both. It might also be a metal-textured wall paper or any other aged material. It is sufficient that the treatment as a whole expresses something strange and wild.


Clinker tile wallpaper applied at the wall from bed header side – Image source: amazon.de

The best option for enhancing your room with colors and subtleties would be to use wall paper with a brick texture. Any sort of brick is possible, including clinker, dark brown, gray, and others. This sort of therapy is commonly utilized in residential spaces like the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, but it is also prevalent in public spaces like bars or tiny businesses.

Masonry design wallpaper in a living room – Image source: tapetuj.pl

Masonry made of stones or bricks that are joined in the center by mortar is another type of brick. The colors might range from red to gray to beige and other hues seen in natural materials like stone or brick. On occasion, the wallpaper may have a brick wall right behind a concrete facade beneath it.


Black Concrete Wallpaper in a living room.in Modern and Minimalistic style – Image source: Etsy.com

Concrete refinishing is one of the most widely accepted trends right now. Despite being a tough material, concrete has grown to be cherished by every designer and common person. Everywhere, including flooring, ceilings, wall coverings, outdoor furniture, and more, it is utilized. Concrete is a perfect material since it is durable and attractive, especially when left unpolished. To create the impression of an urban industrial environment, concrete wall paper in a variety of textures or colors might be the perfect option for your wall. To create a more dramatic ambience you may use concrete pattern with dark and rough concrete stucco look.

Brown wallpaper with a texture similar to copper concrete stone that appears to be made of wood or marble – Image source: Etsy.com

Use a concrete wallpaper that has been combined with brown copper for a more creative treatment of the concrete, and match it with sophisticated furniture covered in a light-colored cloth. It looks fantastic in your home space.

Gray Concrete Cement Wallpaper applied in the Dining area, in line with overall while painting of the house – Image source: Etsy.com

Or you might want something simpler and lighter that would fit well with your minimalist home. You could desire simple wallpaper with a smooth white surface punctuated by bits of cement if your house is entirely painted white. The wall component that you wish to emphasize more will be improved by that treatment, which will also provide aesthetic worth to the entire room.


Soft marble design wall paper in a living room – Image source: Etsy.com

Right now, marble wallpaper is both trendy and popular. This is due to the fact that it is able to harmonize flawlessly with every piece of décor in a room. Marble wallpaper may be the ideal choice if you want an opulent and sophisticated appearance. The wallpaper with marble patterns creates the appearance of a larger area, can be used with any material, exudes elegance, and—most importantly—is available in a broad range of hues, textures, and designs. In a more relaxed space like a living room or family room, it is frequently utilized as an accent wallpaper furniture.


Colorful Moroccan tiles patterns and murals were applied to the kitchen wall – Image source: Etsy.com

Who wouldn’t desire a wall covered with ceramic tiles featuring different designs in serene or vibrant color schemes? Whether the tiles are huge or little, covering the wall with them creates a three-dimensional effect throughout the whole space. Therefore, wallpaper with a porcelain or ceramic tile design would be the best choice if you want to apply a unique design in the least amount of time and with a smaller expenditure. Even if you are in Europe or America and are in love with Moroccan tiles or the hues and patterns of the eastern world, you can simply incorporate them into your kitchen, bathroom, or any other place where you feel at home.

Beige geometric tile wallpaper, Moroccan tile wallpaper – Image source: wayfair.co.uk


Bamboo look wallpaper combined with exposed brick brings a tropical feeling to your space – Image source: Etsy.com

Wallpaper with wood-based themes is another texture that is used a lot and is desired by many. It is a great option for giving your house a stylish appeal. Any area in your house would look great with wood paneling thanks to the natural beauty of the material and the diversity of colors that are available.

Dark continues wood wallpaper to create a luxurious look dining area. The white bubble light contrasts wonderfully with the whole interior furnishing – Image source: Etsy.com

Wood-designed wallpaper options might be useful when not using natural wood in the house. Any place that utilizes wood has a comforting effect since wood is a warm, friendly, and natural material. Bedroom walls, living room walls, fireplace walls, and partition walls may all be covered with wallpaper with wood effects. It frequently goes well with other building materials used in the home, including bricks or white stucco. Your home may have a rustic vibe without having to worry about utilizing genuine wood by choosing wood impression wallpaper. 

Wood strips wallpaper applied in the middle of Master bedroom wall, combining perfectly with the bed fabric and wood furniture – Image source: Etsy.com

Depending on the overall design and how it blends with other elements of the space, it may be applied to the entire surface of the wall or only a piece of it, like the center or corners. The surface texture may vary from dark oak wood or full-wall bamboo strips to light wood texture, and more.


Green French stripe wallpaper combined with light wood chairs and table furniture – Image source: Etsy. com

The Victorian era 1880s saw a rise in the use of striped wallpaper. Even though it has been around a century, this design is still prevalent today, especially among people who prefer the elegant and classy look.

In the interior, the striped wall covering is pretty lovely. They also provide the impression that the room is larger than it actually is. They also make the walls and room height look taller since they are applied vertically. Lines can be drawn with a linear or even pattern, but you can also experiment with their thickness and color to give the impression that the space is smaller than it actually is so that the attention is drawn more to the pattern on the wallpaper. It may be used in a variety of locations, including the living room, the bedroom, the stairwell, and the hallways.


Minimal grey tone watercolor wallpaper was applied in the living room, matching the wood furniture, grey sofa, and carpet. The green pillows with landscape give more energy to the space – Image source: etsy.com

Watercolor wallpaper is day by day very popular and desired by many. Any wall where it is applied gains beauty as a result of its application. It is able to produce a tranquil and enjoyable atmosphere for individuals who reside in the place where it is applied thanks to the many styles in which it is available. You may cover any wall in a master bedroom, kids’ room, living room, library, or corridor. The benefit of wallpaper watercolor is that it may be found in a variety of aesthetics, including classic, modern, minimalist, and abstract. The colors of this paper may range from blue to green, to red, to earth tones, providing the user of the space with the calm they want.


Nature Wallpaper Mountain Lake Landscape. In a Master Bedroom – Image source: Etsy.com
18th Century Farm Realistic Landscape Wallpaper in a dining area – Image source: Etsy.com 

The best approach to connect with nature or bring nature into your house is with wallpaper with natural designs. You may access any location that is off limits thanks to the wall paper application. A wall covering with that appearance may be a good choice if you wanted to imagine yourself in a glass home in the heart of a forest where you could feel the abundance of trees and vegetation. Small flowers, enormous flowers, gorgeous vistas, tropical views that make you feel as though you are in the midst of the ocean, and other themes and designs are all possible with natural wall coverings.  After a long day at the workplace, you may easily alter your mindset. You are welcomed with a tranquil vista as soon as you enter the house, which will soothe you and give you the required sense of euphoria.

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