Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom with Pink: 10 Examples & Tips

As a parent, you want to decorate your kid’s bedroom in a perfect way so that they will love it. Well, in this article we will share some examples and tips on how to use pink to decorate your kid’s bedroom.

You have to be careful when to use too much pink and when not and also pay attention to friendly colors. This color can become overwhelming if used excessively so, don’t make the mistake of thinking there’s no need to be extra careful when creating the décor.

Organizing and personalizing your shelter is a very important aspect in the life of teenagers and, thanks to this splendid collection, you will in all likelihood be able to choose the bedroom model that best suits your daughters’ aesthetic tastes, perhaps leaving it to be them to give you an opinion on it.

Girl bedroom furniture with sweet pastel pink tones has been favored by the feminine and gentle beauty it brings. However, to avoid the room falling into the “cheesy” or secretive scene, you should combine pink with neutral colors such as white, gray, gray, or mint green. If you are looking for ideas to decorate children’s bedrooms, you can refer to the series of designs below.

As you have surely already noticed, the kid’s bedrooms that we are showing you are complete with all the dominating pink various elements, therefore going from the bed, often equipped with a container and practical drawers, to the desk, wardrobe, and other cabinets in the floor or suspended version. For example, you can choose to decorate the walls with shades in combination or in contrast to that of the furniture for a truly surprising result.

1. Strong pink in kid’s bedroom

Two beds girls pink bedroom
Two beds girls pink bedroom; Image source
Single bed pink bedroom; Image source

Strong pink was used in a two beds girls’ bedroom and in a bunk beds bedroom example, with a lot of light coming from the window in both cases. These bedroom examples are the perfect choice for twin girls or girls with one or two years’ difference.

2. Bunk bed bridge pink bedroom

Bunk girls pink bedroom
Bunk bed bridge for girls, lovely pink kid’s bedroom; Image source:
Bunk bed pink bedroom
Bunk bed with soft pink; Image source

Children’s bedroom composition with a “bunk bed bridge” structure becomes a great solution for those looking for top-quality kids’ furniture with large storage capabilities that takes up the smallest amount of space possible. All the elements within this collection are made with a durable and easy-to-clean melamine on both sides, which is available in a variety of matt pink and purple colors that can be mixed and matched to help add a happy and energetic vibe to the kid’s bedroom.

3. Pink bedding sets

Pink kid's bedroom with moon and stars bedding
Kid’s pink bedroom with moon and stars beddings; Image source:
Barbie stars pink bedding set
Barbie stars pink bedding set; Image source

You can create a lovely pink kid’s room by combining pink bedding sets with pink curtains. You should decide whether to use strong pink or soft pink bedding sets.

4. Soft pink bedding set

Softy pink bedding set
Softy pink bedding set; Image source:

Not sure how to make the right choice of pink bedroom curtains for your space?

Well, the first thing to determine is whether you want to let in as much natural light as possible or have more control over the lighting in the room even during the day’s brightest hours.

Pink bedding set with light curtains; Image source

You may choose the type of curtain that will best meet your demands and create the most calming and pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom by taking into account these elements as well as the specific shade of pink you like.

5. Pink study corner

Kid's bedroom Gentle Pastel Pink Color Combined With White
Pink color combined with white; Image source

The gentle pastel pink color combined with white brings a delicate and sweet beauty just enough for the study corner in the bedroom.

Pink study corner
Pink study corner; Image source:
calming homework nook utilizes white as well
Soft pink for a homework bedroom corner; Image source

Calming homework nook utilizes white as well. Surely girls will love this neat study corner.

6. Pink sleeping corner

Pink sleeping corner
Pink sleeping corner; Image source

The subtlety of the pink in this room is quite elegant.

Sleeping corner, soft pink, white and floating clouds
Sleeping corner, soft pink, white, and floating clouds; Image source

You should remove neutral tones such as white and gray to avoid being overwhelmed. As in the photo above, the pink color covers the room space. The elegant, feminine beauty of the sleeping corner comes from white with floating cloud accessories as a calming choice.

7. Playful traditional pink girls’ room design

Butterfly girls’ room pink design; Image source
Playful traditional pink girls’ room design
Playful traditional pink girls’ room design; Image source:

Playful traditional pink girls’ room design to surprise your little daughter within which you are going to find a lot of beautiful designs of kids’ rooms for girls that can serve to you as inspiration for your own ideas and designs in order to create the perfect traditional girls’ room for your little daughter.

8. The environment

Image source:

The choice of the right bedroom for girls will have to take place in a weighted manner since this environment will become a mirror of the character and a place to cultivate one’s passions, so let’s start with the selection of the color which can be, for example, a neutral base, i.e. white, with small inserts colors made perhaps of wood or in decidedly more cheerful and decisive colors.

9. Various shades of pink

Baby Girl Nursery Decor
Baby girl nursery decor; Image source:

Well, there are many ways how to use this pretty color. That colors affect moods and behaviors is an accepted fact. Without a doubt, this assumes a much greater significance when it comes to kids’ rooms. ‘Pink’ can cover barely-there off-whites with a hint of pink to warm it up.

Beechmont; Kids Bedroom Set; Image source:

There is a world of choices out there like this example from Beechmont – Kids Bedroom Set 5 Pieces, Colour: Pink / White , each child should be considered on the basis of their personal likes and dislikes rather than their gender when it comes to choosing décor. So, we would say, rule number 1 is, to ask the child for their preferences. With that in mind, here are some great tips regarding kids’ room color ideas. 

10. Creative pink bed for kids

little princess bedroom
Little princess bedroom; Image source:

Little princess bedroom, lots of kids like to imagine they’re little princesses, so here’s some inspiration for this theme. If you need a new bed for your child’s room, consider a cabin bed, as it’s perfect as an imaginary castle when kids are playing princesses. Pictured above.

Hello Kitty pink bed; Image source:

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