It’s Nice To Have a Bedroom With Large Window – 20 Examples & Tips

Large windows typically seem to have more benefits, particularly when it comes to bedrooms. In this article, we came up with some reasons why having large windows can enhance a bedroom’s appearance and atmosphere in order to drive home that argument.

It makes perfect sense to want to enjoy the beauty outside your window from the comfort of your own bed as frequently as possible if you are living in an area where it is exceptionally gorgeous.

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1. A lot of natural light

Belvedere Residence by Guido Constantino
Belvedere Residence by Guido Constantino – Image Source

Large window designs add luxury to modern bedrooms, they are channels for a flow of energy.

California casual bedroom
California casual bedroom – Image Source

Bedroom decorating with tree images, green leaf patterns, floral details, and arrangements of branches looks and feels calming and inviting. Houseplants are excellent accessories for spacious bedroom decorating in eco style, but large windows work well for big and small spaces.

A bamboo light fixture like this one can add a unique boho touch to any bedroom.

First floor bedroom with large window
First-floor bedroom with large window – Image Source:

Large windows are fantastic because they bring in a lot of natural light, which is the first benefit. Increased light gives a space a more open, airy appearance, which can be quite helpful, especially in the case of a small bedroom.

2. Panoramic view

Steve Keating Photography – Image Source:

Anyone would have a good rest with a view of the waters and the trees from the bedroom.

Bedroom with panoramic view by John Maniscalco Architecture
Bedroom with a panoramic view by John Maniscalco Architecture – Image Source:
Panoramic view from bedroom
Image Source:

This bedroom has stones on the wall which is a good feature that brings beauty to the area. From this panoramic view can enjoy the cool waters both day and night.

Bedroom with panoramic view by Roche Bobois
Bedroom with panoramic water view by Roche Bobois – Image Source

Just imagine waking up to a 270-degree view of the morning sun. The view is excellent the larger the window. If the city or the outdoors is visible from your bedroom, you will have a beautiful view every day. Even if your bedroom is on the second story of your house and overlooks the street, having a panoramic view would be incredible, especially at night when all you can see are the lights from the houses below.

Beautiful panoramic views are provided by large windows, and in some cases, this totally alters the interior’s appearance and mood. Many of us dream of having a bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the surrounding nature or gaze out over the city.

3. A Perfect ambiance

Bedroom with large windows
A good night’s sleep can simply as unencumbered bedroom design- Image Source: Phosart Studio

Bedroom design is more than just putting a bed in a room. As a personal space, it’s where you recharge, relax, and escape the cares of the world.

Craftsman Bedroom, Minneapolis – Image Source:

Designed by Chicago architect Hugh Garden and advertised as a “tear-down,” this 1905 Craftsman-style lakefront retreat boasted sweeping porches, idyllic views of Lake Minnetonka, and moments of leisurely reprieve.

Panoramic bedroom view at day
Panoramic bedroom city view at day – Designed by McClean Design Image Source
Large Window Bedroom Panoramic View
Panoramic bedroom city view at night – Image Source

Undoubtedly, a large window in the bedroom may create a lovely mood, day or night. It lets in light during the day, making the space appear and feel cheery, and at night, it fosters a romantic and peaceful atmosphere.

4. A variety of window covering choices

Bedroom large window covered for privacy
Bedroom large window covered for privacy – Image Source
Large Window Bedroom shutters
Image Source:

Shutters are a type of old-style window treatment that is fitted within the window frame with hinges that allow them to swing open and closed. Shutters make a great option for a durable, long-lasting window treatment, and typically cost more than blinds or shades. They are usually made from painted or natural wood, although faux wood is another option. You’ll find shutters in a wide range of colors, although white and natural wood tones are the most popular.

Large Windows Bedroom Drapes
Image Source:

Drapes are more formal than curtains and are used in many rooms of the house, including the primary bedroom, living room, and dining room. While drapes may often be more expensive than curtains, they are especially durable over time.

Large window bedroom curtains
Large bedroom window with two layers of curtains – Image Source

When it comes to selecting window treatments for huge windows, there are relatively few limitations. A set of long, heavy drapes is among the greatest alternatives. They can be entirely covered for complete privacy or tied back to frame the windows. These work incredibly well for making a room dark so you can sleep during the day. The outer layer closest to the bedroom may be thicker and more opaque, while the inner layer nearest the window may be slightly sheer. In this way, you may customize your natural lighting and create a luxurious atmosphere.

5. They brink nature inside

Bedroom with large window surrounded by verdant forrest
Bedroom with large window surrounded by verdant forest – Deigned by Desai Chia Architecture – Image Source:
Bedroom with large glass window in the middle of nature
Bedroom with a large glass window in the middle of nature – Designed by Roche Robois – Image Source
Chinese style bedroom design with balcony at home from DWYER design – Image Source
Elevated Camp in New England by Murdough Design; Photo: Chuck Choi – Image Source

Through large windows, a home surrounded by verdant forests, stunning views, and lush foliage may bring some of that beauty inside, incorporating the outdoors into the interior decor.

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