The Ora Leaf Shower Panel: A Stylish Solution for Reducing Water Use at Home

In an age where environmental consciousness is not just a virtue but a necessity, innovative solutions that blend functionality with sustainability are more welcome than ever. Among the myriad of eco-friendly home improvements available, one stands out for its unique blend of artistry and environmental stewardship: the Ora leaf-shaped shower panel. Designed to transform the routine of showering into an eco-conscious and aesthetically pleasing experience, the Ora shower system not only promises to elevate your daily ritual but also significantly reduce water usage at home.

Introduction to the Ora Leaf Shower Panel

Every day, the average shower contributes gallons of water to household waste, a reality that the Ora leaf-shaped shower panel seeks to change. By marrying advanced water reuse technology with an elegant design inspired by nature, the ORA shower system offers a solution that is both practical and visually stunning.

Design Inspired by Nature

Created by designer Vladimir Polikarpov, the Ora leaf-shaped shower panel draws its inspiration from the lush foliage of tropical plants. Measuring six feet tall, this acrylic shower enclosure is a statement piece that brings a touch of the natural world into the bathroom. Polikarpov’s design philosophy emphasizes the deep connection between human life and nature, a principle that is beautifully reflected in the leaf-like silhouette of the shower panel.

Innovative Water Reuse Technology

At the heart of the Ora shower system is its groundbreaking gray water purification system. Utilizing steam and runoff water from the shower, it reprocesses and purifies this water for reuse in toilets, irrigation, or other domestic systems. This feature alone is said to slash household water consumption by 50%-70%, presenting a compelling option for anyone looking to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

Beyond its environmental benefits, the Ora shower panel is designed for ease of use and installation. The system includes a matching shower hanger and an all-in-one enclosure that supports a hands-free, shower-drinking experience — a nod to the luxurious and leisurely aspects of bathing. With customizable sizes and a digital control interface for adjusting water temperature and flow, the Ora leaf shower panel marries convenience with luxury.

Award-Winning Eco-Friendly Innovation

The excellence of the Ora leaf-shaped shower panel has not gone unnoticed. It was awarded the Platinum A’Design Award in the Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design category in Europe, a testament to its exceptional design and contribution to sustainable living practices.


As we seek solutions to reduce our environmental footprint, the Ora leaf shower panel stands out as a beacon of innovation. It not only redefines the aesthetics of bathroom design but also embodies a forward-thinking approach to water conservation. For those committed to eco-friendly living without compromising on style, the Ora shower system offers a glimpse into the future of sustainable home design.

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