Cabins On The Cuban Mountains By Veliz Arquitecto

Cabins on the mountain are, no doubt, one of the most amazing architectures. Living in this technologically advanced era, we are actually surrounded by innovative products of technology. Amid this situation, if you want to get the taste of natural freshness, you need to put yourself into some most amazing architectures. As of now, you have probably seen attractive houses built in the lap of nature. They look fascinating as well as enchanting. But, here, we are going to tell you about a completely different architecture. It is called cabins on the mountain.

Living in a cabin can be suffocating for some people. But, if it is located in the lap of nature, this thing will definitely give you an awesome experience. Talking about this architecture- cabins on the mountain, it is located on the mountain and therefore, the view that you will get from the cabins is, no doubt, amazing. The mountain trees behind the cabins and the open view in the front will definitely infuse your mind with serenity. Anyway, we have elaborated this amazing architecture here. So, do not miss to skip the following points:

Attractive Circular Shapes Of The Cabins On The Mountain

Well, if we talk about the shape of the cabins on the mountain, it has got an attractive dome shape and therefore, from the outside, it will look very enticing. However, it is located on the mountain and the overall cabins are designed in such a way so that they can give you an awesome experience. Well, you will not be living here for the rest of your life and so, you will not get the convenience that you generally get at home. It is all about experiencing something new. When you will be living in the cabins on the mountain, you will be able to see the sunrise and sunset directly from the room. Moreover, the natural surrounding will add serenity and freshness to the overall ambiance.

Elevated Front Area For Sitting And Relaxing

Well, the cabins on the mountain itself are an amazing piece of architecture. People in this modern era are looking for the ultimate comfort. These cabins are designed in such a way so that they can deliver you satisfactory comfort and along with this, you will get the freshness of nature. Talking about the size of these cabins on the mountain, they are very compact in size. These are perfect for a couple. It has an elevated sitting space in the front. Talking about the surface, it is completely wooden with a light white-colored glossy finish over it.

Along with these, there are two white-colored modern chairs where you can spend some precious moments with your beloved while watching the beautiful sunset. You can also have a wooden table in front of the chair. In the morning, you can enjoy breakfast with your ladylove. However, apart from the chairs, there is a classic hammock in the front sitting area. This is something that adds an extra layer of beauty to the overall structure of the cabins on the mountain. You will achieve the ultimate relaxation and along with this, when the sunlight will directly hit your body, it will give you the ultimate enjoyment.

Mesmeric Locations Of The Cabins On The Mountain

Well, if you see the picture, you will realize that the cabins on the mountains are having an adjacent location. Yes, it will be a great destination to hang around with your friends. If you love adventure, these cabins on the mountain will be your ideal location. From hiking to spending the night in the lap of darkness- you can do a lot of things. Well, you cannot go there with your children as it is located on the mountain. However, if you have an adventurous mind, you will definitely enjoy this location.

Wooden As Well As Airy Structure Making The Cabins Very Attractive

Well, the cabins are designed so beautifully that they will give you a new experience. Yes, if you are thinking that you will get a home-like experience from these cabins on the mountain, you are completely wrong. The wooden structure that is airy as well will definitely add a new layer of attraction to the overall structure of these cabins. When you will be lying on the bed, the natural air will directly hit your body. Moreover, living in the wooden cabins in the lap of nature itself is a new experience. There will not be so many things that you generally get from a modern house. On the other side, you will experience things that a modern house can never give you.

Talking about the design, it is basically a dome shape cabin. The main material used to build this cabin is wood. It is a sturdy material and therefore, you will not have to compromise with the safety. In the front, there is a medium-size sitting space where you can spend some quality time with your friends. Moreover, you can enjoy lying on the classic hammock and the fresh air will elevate the level of pleasure. Apart from this, the semi-circular roof is designed in such a way so that it can prevent rainwater from entering the cabin. On both sides, you will see rectangular-shaped windows. The tiny wooden stair and wooden hand railings also add additional beauty to the overall structure of the cabins on the mountain.

Stunning Interior Set-Up

Well, the interior design is stunning. Yes, you will see the compact size bedroom that is perfect for two people. Apart from this, there is a bedroom adjacent to the bedroom. As it is a very compact cabin, you will not have much space in the interior setup. Anyway, this will not be a matter of concern. People will come here to experience something new and the overall design of these cabins on the mountain will definitely give an entirely new experience.

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