Inclined Home-The Place Where Tranquility of Soul Meets the Peace of Mind! 

An incline home is a unique experience for everyone who lives in it. The home has an area of 3300 sq ft and is located in Ramanattukara, Calicut district, a spot far away from the noise and bustle of Calicut city, in a serene and tranquil setting. The architect company CASA DESIGN STUDIO attempted to produce an unforgettable experience for the client who requested it. This home is a one-of-a-kind blend of traditional and modern components. As part of the design, modern elements such as glass and a flat roof were incorporated. With its gabled tiled roof, wood material, and tropical landscape design, it also has traditional characteristics.

Exterior view of the Inclined Home © Ar. Shahin – Image source:

The house is two stories high, with four bedrooms and bathrooms, one large living room, a wide dining room, a dry and wet kitchen, service facilities such as storage, and socializing spaces such as a terrace, seating areas, and a balcony. The environment has been improved to provide a more complete experience. All of the areas on the ground level are organized around the dining area. Openings and glass facades allow natural light to penetrate fully and allow nature to merge the interior and outside spaces. The materials used, construction aspects such as sloping roof interweaved glass lush greens, overhangs, and building orientation all adapt to the climate. The building’s position, with its approach from the east, provides enough morning sunlight to reach the home. Also, the enormous windows in the dining room and the double-height area illuminate nearly the whole house. Huge windows in the room also give unhindered views of nature. 

The house’s elegance is accomplished through its shape, materials, and color palette. The roof was the most important feature in this design, as it recalls tradition. Mangalore tiles were historically used to cover the roofs. The standard gabled roof is covered with plywood and veneer on the bottom.  

The house consists of three main zonings: Public, semi-public, semi-private, and private. The house is divided into three sections: a living room, two bedrooms, and a balcony and terrace on the first level. As one enters the house, one notices that a foyer and a courtyard next to the sit-out contribute to seclusion by isolating the sit-out from the other living rooms. 

Ground floor plan – Image source:

The eating area in the west is the most beautiful place because it is illuminated both in the morning and in the evening, and it then continues to a platform with a lush green backdrop that limits the strong west sunshine. The place has a semi-outdoor aspect to it. The rooms in the house are parallel to each other, with dining linking them. The dining area acts as a focal point for the rest of the space. The steel and wood structural staircase with glass handrails greets you to the top floor, which looks down on the double-volume dining area. A lengthy balcony connects two more bedrooms with baths on the upper floor. 

First floor plan – Image source:

The house does not obstruct views of the surroundings. Tropical vegetation dominates the landscape of the residence.  The pool is one of the most desirable outdoor areas because it refreshes and softens the overall atmosphere of the house; moreover, it connects the hard element of the structure itself with that of water.

View towards water pool with a lush green oasis in the middle © Ar. Shahin – Image source:

Different materials are used to create wall finishes. Outside on the terrace area, we have cut stone wall grey tones dominating, most of the walls are whitewashed painted, and wood finishes enrich the interior design. 

Outdoor spaces © Ar. Shahin – Image source:

Because of the tropical temperature, sustainable materials, such as stone tiles are chosen for external pavement, porcelain dark rectangular shape grey tiles are used in the foyer, bedrooms, part of the living room, and parquet wood flooring offers a difference and contrast in the dining area. Timber-framed sliding or fixed-glass full-height windows are available.

View from Entrance  © Ar. Shahin – Image source:

Natural wood is utilized for the main doors as well as furnishings such as bed frames, dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, and even the frames of the couches that carry grey cushions. In contrast to the white painted walls, the use of natural wood furniture creates a contrast and a cozy ambience. The continuity in living room and bedrooms of the wood material from the décor and furniture elements extends to the ceiling area, which is essentially an exposed wooden structure, creates a big dramatic beautiful space.

 Living area view. © Ar. Shahin – Image source:
View towards Master bedroom © Ar. Shahin – Image source:
View towards the dining room and green tiled wash area © Ar. Shahin – Image source:

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