Lighting Ideas for Different Kitchens – Examples & Tips

Kitchen lighting schemes need to deliver on several fronts. They should offer a safe, practical space for preparing food and cooking, as well as, typically, the ideal atmosphere for dining.

Yet, kitchen designs, especially those for small spaces, need to visually expand the space as well so that when you’re using it, it doesn’t feel cramped. In the list of calls, is there anything else? Tiny kitchen lighting needs to be attractive as well, making a statement about the design and perhaps providing a crucial focal point.

The ideal approach to display ribbed and smoked glass is with pendant lights, which are now a hot trend. Long popular, domed metal light fixtures with an industrial aesthetic are now also available in opaline wall lights, pendants, and articulated factory lights for walls.

1. Light your kitchen task

Task lighting kitchen
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For safe and effective food preparation and cooking in tiny kitchen layouts, task lighting must be included, including wall lights like these

In a compact room, task lighting is extremely crucial, so pay attention to where you place it.

Above counters, task lighting, and pendants are very useful. To be able to modify the lighting based on the time of day and whether you are entertaining, think about installing lighting with dimmers throughout the remaining area.

2. Trio kitchen lightning

Organic Pendant Light Kitchen
Organic Pendant Light – Imagine Source:

In a kitchen, it’s typical to have several lighting fixtures, but occasionally, one light can be very effective. You can install something very sophisticated that stands out and meets all of your demands for ambient lighting if your kitchen has high ceilings.

For this specific use, pendant lights are great. Particularly when thinking about designer pendant lights that have both practical and aesthetic aspects, there are many interesting and unusual possibilities.

3. Oversized kitchen lighting

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Don’t be afraid to go big at the center of your kitchen when considering how to plan kitchen lighting. But be sure to place them appropriately. Daringly huge lighting elements are a terrific way to bring character to a kitchen.

4. Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Lighting
Cabinet Lighting – Image Source:

Include cabinet interiors in your list of lighting suggestions for small kitchens. They’ll increase the room’s usefulness because everything you store will be simpler to find.

5. Kitchen Shelving Lightning

Kitchen Shelving Lightning – Image Source:

Both traditional and contemporary designs favor open kitchen shelving, which also offers the chance to add an additional layer of lighting to brighten a tiny kitchen.

6. Layer Lighting in Tall Kitchens

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Planning modern kitchen lighting may need you to consider covering the space vertically in addition to horizontally. Fitted downlighters will provide uniform lighting throughout the kitchen, but lower illumination may be required to focus on specific areas of the space.

This is crucial if you’re working on a kitchen with high ceilings because it may be necessary to install additional lighting closer to eye level due to the downlighters’ lessened impact. Low-hanging pendant lights are employed over the island in this kitchen’s double-height ceiling to increase the amount of light in the space used for food preparation.

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Let’s consider that in context. A living room typically has 250 square feet. A 250-square-foot space would need roughly 5,000 lumens according to our formula (spread out and from a variety of sources, of course). Your location could need more lumens to be effectively illuminated depending on several factors, including poor vision or structural impediments. Also, a decent starting point when using recessed lighting for ambient illumination is one light for every 4 square feet of ceiling.

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