Brutalist House Design In Iceland By LYX Arkitekter

Have you ever heard about Brutalism concept in architecture? Brutalism is introduced by genius engineer, architect le Corbusier in 1952 in the United Kingdom. It is a movement against the nostalgia of architecture. In brutalist buildings, exposed materials and structural elements are showcased over decorative design. Since the foundation of LYX Arkitekter company it became a […]

Small Wooden Table Designs to Bring Nature Inside Your Home

Are you a nature lover who wants to design a home interior with beautiful natural pieces? We have here some ideas for you. One of the brilliant ways to make your home more naturalistic is to include small wooden tables in your home. These tables are not just unique but also elegant. With their ultra-strength, […]

L-shaped Kitchen Designs! Examples and Tips How To Get The Best From The Window

L-shaped kitchens are one of the most popular kitchen designs. Do you know why? The L-shaped layout is suitable for different spaces, especially small spaces, as it reduces the walking time between the refrigerator, stove, and sink, the focal points of every kitchen. For all cooking lovers, the L-shaped kitchen provides a lot of comfort. […]