Captivating Modern-rustic Home by Suman Architects, Colorado Mountains, USA

Modern-rustic home and cottages are very much in fashion today. People fall for the houses having enticing designs and a soothing environment. In this hustling world with a busy life, it is essential to have a home that gives you comfort and cozy vibes. 

Lately, architectural studios have been working on planning and building such houses that look fascinating and mesmerizing and prove to be a great place for a comfortable living. This house is no less than a perfect example of modern architecture having an alluring design. 

Captivating Modern-rustic Home in the Colorado Mountains – Source: Suman Arthitects

Enticing Front and Back with Mesmerizing Structure 

Enticing Front and Back with Mesmerizing Structure – Source: Suman Arthitects

You might have seen modern-rustic home with mesmerizing front styles, but this one is surely one of its kind. The main reason for that would certainly be the location and soothing surroundings. But you cannot deny the perfection and exquisiteness of its design. The way these roofs are built and the windows are planned, it is just superb. 

The architect has planned this outlook splendidly, and it shows. From the balconies and outer walls to the rooftops and lighting, everything has been planned and managed amazingly. 

The architect has planned this outlook splendidly – Source: Suman Arthitects

Not only the front of the house, but the back is also a perfect piece of architecture. There are numerous houses whose front is planned with great perfection, but having such a splendid back like this one is not usual at all. 

The staircase, along with the pool and cozy environment, is definitely giving beach vibes, which is highly intriguing and appreciable to have in one’s house. 

Warm and Comfortable Sitting Space

To have a good sitting area in the house with a pleasant environment is actually something missing from the houses lately. The major focus of architects’ is usually upon the building and designs but not the inner coziness. But in this case, you might be glad to know that it has the perfect enjoyable area that you will surely find more comfortable than any other sitting area you have been to.

Warm and Comfortable Sitting Space – Source: Suman Arthitects

The comfortable furniture with this mesmerizing fireplace is indeed an addition to the cottage, which is highly appreciable. To have a fireplace in a house is not something rare or unusual but having this pleasant setup with it is indeed worth considering. 

Warm and Comfortable Sitting Space – Source: Suman Arthitects

Apart from the things mentioned above, the simple additions and decorations to this place are definitely making it more congenial and pleasant. For instance, these small plants, painting over the fireplace, and stuff like that adds more comforting vibes to the environment but not every house planner keeps these things in view while setting the house up. 

Proper Sitting Area For Larger Families 

Proper Sitting Area For Larger Families  – Source: Suman Arthitects

Various houses do not have a proper sitting arrangement for families. In case you have a large family, it could be a big issue when it comes to family gatherings. But this house does it all for you. It renders this proper pleasant sitting that you might enjoy while living in this mesmerizing cottage. 

Master Bedroom with Amazing View In The Modern-Rustic Home

Master Bedroom with Amazing View  – Source: Suman Arthitects

Many houses are built at mesmerizing locations like this one. But the way the windows and rooms have been designed and planned is just exceptional. You can’t only enjoy the soothing and comforting vibes insides the house but can also be amused by this alluring location through these massive beautiful windows at the same time. 

Warm Congenial Kitchen Set up In The Modern-Rustic Home

Warm Congenial Kitchen Set up  – Source: Suman Arthitects

When it comes to house plans, the thing that matters a lot is the kitchen. Usually, it is the most used and essential place in any house. You will be surely pleased to look at this kitchen setup and how well the furniture and all the other things, including the wooden work, cabinets and the countertops have been set up. 

Comforting and Relieving Study Room

Comforting and Relieving Study Room  – Source: Suman Arthitects

You may see the comfortable chairs and the table set up. But the tendering vibes you might get due to the perfectly designed windows are just astonishing in this modern-rustic home. This is certainly not your conventional study room but something a lot better than that

Fascinating TV sitting area

One might not wonder to have a proper TV lounge or such an area after getting a big sitting area in the house. But in this house, you do not have to compromise on any site because of the massive space.

Fascinating TV sitting area  – Source: Suman Arthitects

You have this luxurious as well as congenial space where you can easily sit with your family or friends and enjoy a perfect movie night! 

Congenial space – Source: Suman Arthitects

Amusing Dining Spot

Amusing Dining Spot  – Source: Suman Arthitects

This pleasant dining spot is something actually satisfying in the modern-rustic home. Not just the spot but the way it is planned and set is appreciable, too. The style of the chairs is decided by keeping in view the structure and design of the house. Thus, it does not make it look filled up or heavy; instead, it adds more warm and cozy feelings to the house atmosphere by making it more comforting. 

Well-Planned Hallway

Well-Planned Hallway  – Source: Suman Arthitects

A super soothing and comforting hallway with lush lanterns and a warm environment is included in this house to make you feel overwhelmed whenever you enter this beautiful construction. 

Cool and Alluring Staircases In Modern-Rustic Home

Cool and Alluring Staircases   – Source: Suman Arthitects

When it comes to discussing the whole house design and structure of modern-rustic home, every single detail is kept in view and makes a difference. Such as, the well-designed and organized staircases in this house are definitely a reason to appreciate its architecture and wooden work. 

Well-designed and organized staircases   – Source: Suman Arthitects

This staircase is enhancing the whole outlook of the house and making it more enchanting and appealing.

Modernized Basins and Washrooms In Modern-Rustic Home

Modernized Basins and Washrooms  – Source: Suman Arthitects

To have a lavish modernized set up for washrooms in the modern-rustic home is indeed elite. Unusual styles and uncommon washroom designs are highly appealing and attractive for modern living. This simple yet elegant round mirror with a unique basin is nothing but very delightful and satisfying to have in one’s house. 

Unusual styles and uncommon washroom designs – Source: Suman Arthitects

Wooden proper dressing with a comforting bathing tub and shower area is literally everything one could ever ask for. Not only pleasant but soothing at the same time. 

Small dressing rooms  – Source: Suman Arthitects

You can’t close your eyes to this wooden work and small dressing rooms specially designed to maintain the elite outlook of the house. The space of the whole house has been used with great efficiency and excellence as you can see such comforting sites in different areas in the house. 

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