Modern Style House Concept From Denise and Juliana Zupa

Having a fancy and luxurious house has always been a dream of us all, no matter what. There may be hardly anyone who builds a modern style house. And does not care for the interior and exterior designs with colours and arrangement combination. You have seen many types of luxurious houses, and you want to have one of them.

So, here is that dream house with its exterior painted in solid colours. Interior is as lavish as a royal palace. With a modern parking garage, the house’s front is decorated with green plants, looking calm. Shady with a flat roof that indicates a modern style home. Imagine the modern style house with all its exterior and interior to get exactly what words are describing here. 

Developed as a model house for the Damha real estate development. In 210m², the professionals gathered a large social area, two bedrooms, balcony, living room integrated with an office, kitchen, fireplace and added an outdoor area with a swimming pool and grill space. 

The fantastic entrance and staircase designs establish an amazing first impression and put a fascinating mood for judging a house. The yard landscaping helps strengthen wonderful inflexions to home staging and connect home interiors with the outdoors beautifully and naturally. The eloquent modern style houses seem enormous and more expensive with a vast front step area and extra-large surroundings. Such categories of outside steps furnish enthusiasms for contemporary layouts. That enhance curb appeal and superb style for the exterior house.

  1. Entrance

The entrance is such an impression that creates an ultimate image of the whole house. And if embedded with green plants and colourful flowers, it speaks of its uniqueness from the very start of the house. Then, the garage area and design have an added attribute for the complete version of the house. Although the main modern style house is not displayed, you can watch the top covered breezeway focussing toward the main building. Every angle of This garage is has got cover. If you have an eye for countercheck and interconnecting rooflines, something like this may be for you.

2. Bedroom

Accept it or not, the bed is the core of scrutiny in any room. For this very purpose, you must pay special attention to it. Firstly, restrain in psyche the dimensions of your room. And whether it is eligible of housing a gigantic bed, such as a double, for example. Or if you barely have room for a single bed. The room’s orange lights are bestowing soothing feelings, and having sofas in bedrooms is a perfect idea to fit the bedroom’s space. The attached washroom is another sign of ease that is a necessity, more than comfort. 

3. Indoor garden

Green plants and flowers are such soothing and calming elements without which the beauty of the modern style house is incomplete. Let me tell you one amazing thing, the Plants in washrooms are extraordinary. It’s usually not a niche for growing anything due to frequent lack of space, natural light, and excessive humidity. Still, if everything has well-established touch and the plants selected are not too capricious, the bathroom can persuade by its greenery. In short, the green decoration is possible even in the window of the washroom and its high white walls. The modern stairs with glass walls on bilateral sides facing the living room is a real eye-catcher. The living room with a beautiful couch and orange-coloured wooden chairs are so enchanting. Let’s quickly move to the kitchen, which is stunning and spacious to cook, and its dining table is giving a luxurious royal look. 

4. Giant glass panes

The large spans, the giant glass panes, expand the space of the house and allow the integration of the interior with the surrounding nature. For real life, perhaps it lacks a little storage and storage area: more closets would be welcome and the master suite closet was a little restrained. But this can be a challenge for a new lifestyle, with more detachment.

5. Livingroom

Living rooms were initially intended to act as sophisticated settings for treating and amusing, while family rooms are utilized for more informal, ordinary activities, like lounging, playing, or watching TV. The hanging paintings and dim lights decoration on walls are enhancing the of the living room. A perfect place to sit with family members and have a great evening or sit alone with a cup of tea to feel real peace. Hope so, and you would like this modest home with its unique interior and contemporary exterior designs.

The Dahma developments, located on the outskirts of Brasil – close to the cities of São Sebastião, ABC and Cidade Oeste – are condominiums aimed at the middle class, with a focus on community leisure, where residential lots vary between 359 and just over 490m², the which justifies the challenge accepted by Denise (mother) and Juliana (daughter) to create a comfortable residence for these lands.

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