NIL’S Apartment: A Multicoloured Interior  

Nil’s Apartment is an 82 sq. multicolored apartment located within a typical residential complex in Pristina city. This apartment is notable for the use of multiple colors in various aspects of all of the interior areas. The architects of Maden Group with this design proposal attempt to provide distinct experiences in different spaces via their unique combination and design. This form of treatment also helps you in comprehending specific feelings when you go from one room to another. This apartment’s interior design offers an ambiance that piques your curiosity as you wander across the room for further exploration.

Nil’s Apartment. – Image source: Maden Group

The purpose of this project, according to the design studio, was to establish a mix of utility and leisure by paying attention to details and colors. 

The distinctive parts of the furniture cope with the space around them by assigning a function to each region. Yellow, purple, and orange tone have already become the apartment’s distinctive colors, contributing to individuality and making the area unique and enjoyable. The exhibition of artwork on the walls is another touch that gives value to the surroundings.

The apartment contains a single living room, one dining room, an open kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one balcony, and an L-shaped foyer. The apartment’s circulation is tidy and L-shaped. All of the primary areas are linked by the passageway. The living room is the biggest, and it contains the dining area as well as the linear kitchen.

Zoning diagram of Nil’s Apartment floor layout – Image source: Maden Group

The corridor is decorated with two primary colors: purple on one side and a white wall in front. The purple hue also serves as a guide for the areas, so simply following the color leads you to the semi-private portion of the flat, which is the living room. When you go into the living area, you are met with a very minimalistic treatment of the walls in white, as well as stunning lighting linked to the ceiling.

View towards linear wall kitchen type – Image source: Maden Group

The pendant lighting above the orange dining table, in a dark pink color, breaks up the minimalist lighting across the ceiling. The light yellow kitchen cabinet is created in an exquisite manner, with the decrease of the side cabinets breaking the rigidity in the upper portion. This allows the wall to breathe and creates the illusion of a greater area.

Another lovely and unexpected touch is the arched treatment of the corner of the wall where the TV is located, and the ceiling along that wall includes concealed LED lights. Minimal, pure white, smooth surface that matches the room’s furnishings flawlessly.  A painting with abstract elements on the purple wall breaks up the lengthy and nearly bare decorative linearity of the corridor.

View from the living room area towards the foyer entrance – Image source: Maden Group

Although various colors are used in diverse areas, there are organic linkages and combinations between them. The purple wall of the corridor, for example, is tied to the TV cabinet, and the orange sofas are related to the dining set. Light color parquet also softens the overall color pallet in all places.

View of the living room – Image source: Maden Group
View towards main entrance from the master bedroom – Image source: Maden Group
View of  main entrance from the master bedroom – Image source: Maden Group

If the colored features that break the whiteness stand out in the major parts of the apartment, a simpler and more monochromatic treatment have been considered in the interior decoration of the bathroom by deleting the colors and covering the wall with huge beige tiles up to the white painted ceiling.

View towards bathroom – Image source: Maden Group

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