Shit and Split: The Hilarious Bathroom Sign That Speeds Up Bathroom Usage

In today’s digital age, using the bathroom has taken on a new dimension. Gone are the days of simply doing your business and moving on. Now, the bathroom has become an internet cafe where people can shamelessly get lost in their phones, often forgetting that others might be waiting. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a bathroom hog, then this funny and clever solution might be just what you need. Introducing the “Shit and Split” bathroom sign – a hilarious way to remind your guests to hurry up and make room for others.

The Modern Bathroom Dilemma

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Everyone can relate to the experience of getting caught up in a social media rabbit hole while in the bathroom. Whether it’s scrolling through Instagram, catching up on emails, or watching funny videos, the bathroom has become a sanctuary for uninterrupted screen time. However, this can lead to significant delays for others waiting to use the facility.

The “Shit and Split” Solution

The “Shit and Split” bathroom sign from SouthernRootsSignsGA on Etsy addresses this modern issue with humor and style. The sign reads, “This is a bathroom, not an internet cafe. Shit and split.” It features a charming image of a toilet paper roll with a heart, reminding users that while you love them, they need to hurry up and free the bathroom.

The sign’s clever design is perfect for farmhouse-style homes, single-bathroom cabins, and offices. It includes beautiful lettering of the word “bathroom,” which at a glance seems to label the restroom. However, upon closer inspection, users quickly realize the sign’s true message, prompting them to wrap up their business, wash their hands, and return to the social scene.

Craftsmanship and Design

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These handmade bathroom signs are crafted in Senoia, Georgia, by SouthernRootsSignsGA. They are made from wood and feature a dark brown wooden frame, making them easy to match with other bathroom decor. Each sign is a square, measuring approximately 12 inches wide and tall and 1 inch thick. The word “bathroom” is raised from the rest of the text, adding a beautiful touch that stands out under good bathroom lighting.

The signs are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, making them a great addition to any bathroom. The raised lettering and high-quality materials ensure that the sign will be a durable and lasting piece of decor.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

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The “Shit and Split” bathroom signs are well-liked by buyers, as evidenced by the shop’s impressive 4.9-star rating on Etsy, based on 2,062 reviews. One satisfied customer, Anita, left a five-star review stating, “This item looks just like it is pictured. I love it and will order from this company again.” This positive feedback highlights the quality and appeal of the product.

Ordering and Delivery

Orders for the “Shit and Split” bathroom signs take between 8 and 15 days to arrive, according to Etsy’s delivery estimate. While the shop does not accept returns or exchanges, it encourages buyers to contact them if they have any issues with their order. This commitment to customer service ensures that buyers are satisfied with their purchase.

More from SouthernRootsSignsGA

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In addition to the “Shit and Split” bathroom signs, SouthernRootsSignsGA offers a variety of other funny signs, handmade household decor, and personalized sign options. Their range of products includes different styles, texts, and overall aesthetics, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Why You Need the “Shit and Split” Bathroom Sign

The “Shit and Split” bathroom sign is more than just a funny decoration. It serves a practical purpose by reminding guests to be mindful of others waiting to use the bathroom. Its humorous approach makes it a conversation starter and adds a touch of personality to your home or office.

Whether you’re looking to add a splash of humor to your bathroom decor or searching for the perfect gift for a prankster friend, the “Shit and Split” bathroom sign is an excellent choice. Its blend of functionality and style makes it a must-have for anyone dealing with bathroom hogs.


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In the age of smartphones and social media, the bathroom has become a place where people can easily lose track of time. The “Shit and Split” bathroom sign offers a humorous and effective solution to this modern problem. With its clever design, high-quality craftsmanship, and practical purpose, it’s no wonder that these signs are a hit among buyers.

So, if you’re tired of waiting for the bathroom or just want to add a touch of humor to your home, consider getting a “Shit and Split” bathroom sign. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference in your daily routine, ensuring that everyone gets their turn in the bathroom without unnecessary delays.

Check out SouthernRootsSignsGA on Etsy to order your “Shit and Split” bathroom sign today and bring a smile to your guests’ faces while keeping your bathroom line moving smoothly.

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