Choose the Right Furniture for White Bedrooms – 20 Examples & Tips

While some people may find white to be the most boring hue, its popularity has grown significantly in recent years. While reading through our accounts, we have seen innumerable instances of white walls. Although many of these walls are decorated in a bohemian way with lots of light and greenery, white is not just for bohemian-styled spaces. White offers every possibility you could ever need while yet being bright and neutral.

Perhaps that explains why it works so well in bedrooms. White walls offer the ideal color base to build from in a room designed to help you unwind and revitalize. Look at these eight white bedrooms and the ideal bedroom furnishings after painting your bedroom walls.

1. White bedroom surrounded by curtains that hang from the ceiling

A bed surrounded by curtains
A bed surrounded by curtains – Image Source:

A bed surrounded by curtains that hang from the ceiling will look even more dramatic and romantic than a traditional canopy. This bedroom’s sky-blue comforter adds a touch of carefree joy.

White bedroom surrounded by pink curtains
White bedroom surrounded by pink curtains – Image Source

Lovely white bedroom with a white canopy bed and white bedding surrounded by shiplap walls and pink French pleat curtains on windows fitted with bamboo Roman shades. A clear beaded chandelier illuminates the bedroom above the bed and white Moroccan leather pools on light gray wash wooden wide plank floors. Rattan wingback chairs add sophisticated seating in this lovely bedroom finished with vaulted plank ceilings.

2. Traditional white-tone bedroom

dream white bedroom
Traditional white-tone bedroom – Image Source

In your typical home, the remaining walls are often painted a beige color. A white bedroom gives you something that feels a little lighter and fresher while yet allowing you to go with neutral colors.

dream white bedroom
Traditional white-tone bedroom – Image Source

One of my favorite pieces is the custom floral bench. Not only is the floral fabric gorgeous, but I love the gold shelf detail too. Perfect spot to tuck away some extra books, a tray, or even an extra blanket. I love how it adds convenience and is a statement piece in the room.

3. Focus on the rug

White bedroom rug
Image Source:

To ground the room and prevent your white bedroom from feeling lifeless, choose a neutral rug with a splash of color or an eye-catching geometric design. To avoid overpowering a space that is mostly neutral, stay away from rugs with hectic or vivid patterns, but a light color or two with some visual interest is a terrific way to bring a contrasting aspect to the space.

Orian Rug white bedroom
Image Source: – Orian rug – Image Source:

It’s amazing what a difference just one rug can make.

4. Chose the right curtains

Light white curtains for white bedroom
Light white curtains for white bedroom – Image Source:

Hang-ups some light white curtains and make sure they run all the way from ceiling to floor. The elegance and beauty it brings to your space surpass its high maintenance requirements.

White linen curtains for bedroom
White linen curtains for bedroom – Image Source:

It’s important to select the best curtains for your bedrooms according to your needs, and requirements, so decide carefully, what curtains you truly want.

5. Some greenery will always be a great alternative

White Bedroom Green Curtains
White bedroom with green curtains – Image Source

Green is the ‘chosen one’ for those who want to bring a hint of natural goodness inside your bedroom. Relaxing, elegant, bright, and refreshing, it is a pleasant hue that comes in diverse shades ranging from the brilliant jewel-toned emerald to more subtle and modest minty greens.

 White Bedroom With Green Campaign Nightstands
White bedroom with green campaign nightstands – Image Source

Adding green to the bedroom is easy if you already have a muted color scheme going in the room. It is a color that works beautifully with the likes of white

6. Loop in leather details

White Bedroom Leather Details
Image Source:

Leather accents can sometimes look heavy and overpowering. But in a room with a white palette, they can give the space an elegant, chic feel.

Marlo Leather Bed
Marlo Leather Bed – Image Source:

Wake up refreshed in our beautiful Marlo Leather Bed. This low-profile platform bed features softly curved edges that will cradle your mattress. The bright white genuine leather headboard is tilted at a precise ergonomic angle so you can lean on it comfortably which is perfect for reading in bed before you sleep. The mattress is sold separately. Includes pre-assembled folding slatted mattress platform support.

7. Paint exposed brick

White Bedroom Exposed Brick
Image Source:

If you’re lucky enough to have exposed brick in your bedroom, consider painting it white for a rustic yet modern look. Exposed brick can add a lot of warmth and visual interest to your bedroom.

Bedroom Exposed White Painted Brick Wall Design
Image Source:

A white-painted exposed brick wall boasts a crisp white template to a contemporary bedroom with a light gray headboard and white wall mount nightstands

8. Blue and white just feels right

Blue and White Just Feels Right White Furniture Bedroom
White furniture blue walls bedroom – Image Source:

This shade of blue is calming and reassuring with a very natural feel. The white furniture and white trim are the perfect complement to this gorgeous shade. The colors and natural light give this room such a cozy feeling and really enlarge the space. There is plenty of sitting room and shelving space making it the perfect sanctuary. The accessories in varying shades of blue are a subtle way to mix up the color scheme. Adding the patterned bedspread and pillows is a great way to break up the simplicity, but it would still look amazing with solid colors.

Anthony Wilder Design
Anthony Wilder Design – Image Source:

This custom vacation home in Rehoboth Beach incorporates the homeowner’s vision of a beach house that could be used year-round, conducive to both entertaining and relaxing, featuring distinct design elements of Cape Cod and Nantucket architecture.

9. Luxury and simplicity

White bedroom luxury and simplicity
White bedroom luxury and simplicity – Image Source

This look creates such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The rug is an amazing feature to change up the texture. This room also has a gorgeous vanity and mirror so you can really pamper yourself in the comfort of your own room. It is really important to note once again how large and bright an all-white room can look with the lights shining down. Incorporating white furniture and walls into your home decoration can really change the entire look of a room.

Elegant white bedroom
Elegant white bedroom – Image Source

Whatever style you choose, going with off-whites or crisp whites will make for a room full of life, as well as easily opening up the walls and giving the illusion of higher ceilings.

10. Vintage-style white bedroom decor

A ruffled white bedspread adds flair to this cottage bedroom
Photo: JAY WILDE – Image Source:

A ruffled white bedspread adds flair to this cottage bedroom. Beige gingham fabric on the table skirt and accent pillow adds a country element to the room, while a salvaged antique door stands in as a neutral headboard. All-white bedding creates a clean, casual look.

his embroidery hoop creation is absolute cottage farmhouse gold
Photography courtesy Erin Kern – Image Source:

This embroidery hoop creation is absolute cottage farmhouse gold!  How incredible does this look!  Cotton Stem also shows how she assembled this entire array right here. This would be amazing in the master bedroom and how wonderful would it be in a little girls’ room or a nursery! 

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