Revolutionizing Construction: The Astonishing Feat of Erecting a 10-Story Building in Just One Day

In the dynamic world of construction, where innovation meets necessity, a groundbreaking achievement has emerged from the bustling landscape of China. An engineering marvel that challenges the conventional timelines of construction, Broad Group, a private manufacturing enterprise based in Changsa, Hunan province, has successfully erected a 10-story building in almost a single day. This remarkable feat not only defies the traditional pace of construction but also introduces a new era of speed, efficiency, and sustainability in building design and execution.

A Swift Response to Urgency: The Hospital Construction Precedent

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The seeds of this extraordinary accomplishment were sown in January 2020 when China faced the rapid spread of a flu-like respiratory syndrome. In response to the urgency of the situation, the Chinese government orchestrated the construction of a dedicated hospital in just over a week. Spanning 270,000 square feet (25,000 square meters), this hospital relied on prefabricated elements and set the stage for what would become a new benchmark in rapid construction.

Setting a New Standard: Broad Group’s Innovation Journey

At the forefront of this construction revolution is Broad Group, a company that, since its establishment in 1988, has predominantly focused on air-conditioning and clean air systems. In 2009, the company unveiled a game-changing construction material — the “B-CORE Slab.” Crafted from stainless steel, this modular, sustainable, and cost-effective material laid the foundation for the breathtaking achievements we witness today.

B-CORE Slab: The Backbone of Speed and Sustainability

B-CORE Slab leverages stainless steel to offer modular building components that are not only efficient but also environmentally sustainable. The material’s versatility is showcased in its ease of assembly on-site — a process that involves unpacking and assembling modules using bolts. The result is a seamless and efficient construction process that challenges the norms of conventional building methods.

Design Flexibility: A Pioneering Approach

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The video documentation of Broad Group’s construction process unveils internal spaces that are columnless, providing a canvas for all components of comfortable living spaces, including wide windows and sit-out balconies. Notably, the flexibility in the placement of these fittings remains intact even after the building’s assembly, according to the company’s claims.

Efficiency Beyond Speed: Construction Technology Unveiled

The assembly, executed with three cranes, took a mere 28 hours to complete, requiring minimal work beyond that phase. Internal elements such as flooring, walls, and electrical fittings were pre-constructed, streamlining the on-site work. The moment water and electricity were operational, the building transformed into an instant living space. Broad Group asserts that its construction technology, combined with high-quality materials, makes the building up to 20 times more efficient than conventional structures — a testament to both economic viability and environmental sustainability.

Safety and Versatility: Earthquake- and Typhoon-Proof Structures

Safety is paramount in construction, and Broad Group’s buildings go beyond just speed and efficiency. The 10-story structure stands earthquake- and typhoon-proof, exceeding safety standards. Moreover, the company envisions extending this construction concept to office spaces as well as residential buildings, potentially reaching heights of up to 200 stories.

Reviving Prefabrication: A Sustainable Comeback

The concept of prefabricated constructions is not entirely new; it played a crucial role in helping countries rebuild after the devastation of the Second World War. Now, it resurfaces as a sustainable and rapid option, thanks to companies like Broad Group. The marriage of innovation, efficient materials, and a commitment to meeting urgent needs positions prefabrication as a viable solution in the contemporary construction landscape.

Conclusion: A New Horizon for Construction

Broad Group’s astonishing feat of erecting a 10-story building in just one day serves as a beacon of inspiration in the construction industry. It not only showcases the capability of innovative materials like B-CORE Slab but also challenges the traditional pace of construction. As the world looks toward sustainable and efficient solutions, this groundbreaking achievement opens a new chapter — a chapter where speed, sustainability, and safety converge to redefine the possibilities of modern construction.

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