The Enchanting World of Libor Hurda: A Fusion of Art and Blacksmithing


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In the quaint town of Pelhřimov, Czech Republic, resides a unique artist whose work transcends the boundaries of traditional sculpture and blacksmithing. Libor Hurda, a master blacksmith and sculptor, creates surrealistic and whimsical sculptures that transform practical objects into extraordinary works of art. From forged railings and gates to doors and life-size figures, Hurda’s creations infuse everyday items with playful and imaginative elements, captivating all who encounter them.

The Artistic Journey of Libor Hurda

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Libor Hurda’s journey as an artist began in his youth, driven by a passion for both the aesthetic and functional aspects of metalwork. His self-description as both an artist and a blacksmith perfectly encapsulates the dual nature of his craft. Trained in the traditional techniques of blacksmithing, Hurda skillfully combines these methods with his artistic vision to produce sculptures that are not only visually striking but also practical in their use.

Whimsical Gates and Railings

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One of the hallmarks of Hurda’s work is his ability to infuse whimsy into everyday structures. His gates and railings are not mere barriers or supports; they are stories wrought in metal. A particularly notable piece is a staircase railing that depicts a weary laborer hauling it into place. This sculpture, while serving its intended function, also tells a story of toil and perseverance, inviting viewers to appreciate the artistry and effort behind its creation.

The Enchanted Doorway

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Among Hurda’s many creations, one door stands out for its sheer imaginative brilliance. The door features a nebulous, flying man holding open a window, a design that seems to defy gravity and logic. This piece would be a perfect addition to a classroom, particularly an art classroom, where it could inspire creativity and wonder in students. The door serves as a metaphorical gateway to imagination, challenging conventional perceptions of functionality and art.

Audrey Hepburn in Flight

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Not all of Hurda’s works are whimsical; some carry a more somber, reflective tone. A sculpture of Audrey Hepburn, elegantly swinging and magically held aloft by two birds, captures a moment of serene beauty. This piece is a tribute to the actress’s grace and timeless charm, encapsulated in metal. The birds, symbolic of freedom and lightness, add a layer of poetic beauty to the sculpture, making it a poignant homage to Hepburn’s legacy.

The Gunslinger Sommelier

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Hurda’s ability to blend humor with practicality is perhaps best exemplified in his life-size sculpture of a gunslinger. This figure, poised to draw paired wine bottles instead of revolvers, adds a touch of playful elegance to any dining experience. The sculpture not only serves as a conversation starter but also functions as a unique wine holder, showcasing Hurda’s skill in merging art with everyday utility.

The Creative Process

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The creation of each sculpture involves a meticulous process that combines traditional blacksmithing techniques with modern artistic sensibilities. Hurda begins with sketches and conceptual drawings, carefully planning each detail before bringing the piece to life. His expertise in metalworking allows him to manipulate iron and steel into intricate forms, ensuring both structural integrity and artistic expression. The finishing touches, often involving detailed texturing and patination, add depth and character to his sculptures.

The Impact of Hurda’s Work

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Libor Hurda’s sculptures have garnered attention and admiration not only in his hometown of Pelhřimov but also internationally. His work has been featured in various art exhibitions and galleries, where it continues to inspire and enchant audiences. The blend of practicality and whimsy in his sculptures challenges viewers to see the mundane in a new light, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the artistry in everyday objects.


Libor Hurda’s work stands as a testament to the transformative power of art. By merging the disciplines of blacksmithing and sculpture, he creates pieces that are both functional and fantastical. Each sculpture is a reflection of his boundless creativity and technical prowess, offering a glimpse into a world where practicality meets whimsy. Whether it’s a staircase railing, a door, or a life-size figure, Hurda’s art invites us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, celebrating the beauty and magic that can be found in everyday life.


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