Top Creative Shoe Rack and Room Divider Design Ideas

Shoe racks and room dividers are essentials of every room and living space. If you have a small space and you wish to organize it perfectly, a room divider is the best thing to install in your room. Modern-day house designs always incorporate shoe racks that are both stylish and practical. A single piece of furniture serving as a decoration piece and a storage space is a good design. Gone are the days when furniture used to be heavy and dull looking. Now, every piece of furniture’s ultimate goal is to act like 2 in 1 piece that serves multiple functions and is fantastic to look at too.

Creative Shoe rack and Room Divider designs

There are too many options and designs available for shoe racks and room divider. A good shoe rack takes minimum space but can stack a lot of shoes. Shoes sprawled across the floor give the room a messy look. Hence, every room must have a shoe rack. Room dividers are an intelligent way to divide the room into portions, so you make the most use out of a small room or space.

Ideas for Shoe rack and Room Divider designs

If you are looking for creative and innovative Shoe rack and Room Divider designs, we are here for you. We have collected 35 extraordinary designs for you to make your house look perfect.

Number 1:

It is a very modern and intelligent wooden shoe rack. The upper portion of the shoe rack has a drawer and shelf as well. You can place it in your hallway right beside your door. The frame is excellent to keep your keys and other essentials.

Source: Pinterest

 Number 2:

This is a multipurpose room divider that can be installed on the wall. It is elegant and stylish with square compartments. A great way to keep your books and little decoration places at the same home. It can serve as a bookshelf as well.


Number 3:

A blend of chic and gorgeous wooden shelves. The triangular shelves have a very exceptional and modern style which is rare to find.

Number 4:

This is a beautiful room divider and shelf unit that can serve as a table for your LED. The design is efficient and excellent. You can place your books on the shelf and use the remaining space however you like.


Number 5:

A neutral grey wall with wooden cabinets fit in the wall look great. The cabinets are fantastic and chic in square and rectangular shapes so that you can use them wisely.


 Number 6:

The two bookshelves are unique and unforgettable. One has a zigzag pattern style, and the other has a simple, modish design. They can serve as stylish storage spaces. You can organize everything perfectly and decorate it with neutral shades.


 Number 7:

The wooden squares are installed on the wall in the form of panels. They are very modern and unique—a great way to add some style to your room or living area.


 Number 8:

This room divider is gorgeous and attractive. The shelves can be used to store a significant number of things such as books, vases and decoration pieces. The wooden hues are very soothing and sophisticated


Number 9:

The rectangular bookshelves are minimalistic and unique. In the hallway or living area, they would look great.


 Number 10:

A very symmetrical shelf unit made from square and rectangular compartments. It is an exquisite piece of furniture with multiple functions and features.


Number 11:

If comfort is your priority, you will love this one. It is a big sofa chair with bookshelves’ sides—an out of the box idea that is impressive and futuristic. If you are a book lover, you will love this one.


 Number 12:

A Tv table and shelf unit merged looks excellent—a great way to save space with the shelves which can store your favourite books. The monochromatic white is elegant and attractive.


 Number 13:

A slanting wooden bookshelf is an exceptional idea. It is the main attraction of any room where it is installed.

Source: Pinterest

 Number 14:

The bookshelf looks daring and dangerous with a 3-D design. It is an attractive piece with boxes stacked in a way that they float in the air. Don’t worry as it is a durable design.


Number 15:

The large bookshelf is a dream of readers. It is white and glossy to compliment the aesthetics of the room. You can decorate it with some house plants and fairy lights.

 Number 16:

A luxurious TV unit with light brown hues looks excellent and outstanding. It is both futuristic and practical. If luxury is the definition of your style, you should choose this one.

Source: Pinterest

 Number 17:

A unique room divider built from a log of a tree and circular shelves that cover the wall effortlessly. This is an amazing way to upgrade your lounge or room. The muted brown shades look majestic and attractive.


 Number 18:

A symmetrical unit of shelves with monochromatic black is both elegant and striking.

Source: Pinterest

 Number 19:

The rectangular white bookshelf is remarkable and graceful. The striking zigzag pattern stands out.

Number 20:

If you are a fan of creativity, you are going to love this one. The books stacked in a corner with a giant wall sticker on the wall look astonishing and artistic.

 Number 21:

A minimalistic and straightforward piece of furniture for your TV room.


 Number 22:

The bookshelves look magical and unique. They seem like they are disappearing on the floor. A very modern design for harry potter lovers.

 Number 23:

 The circular wheel looks unique and modern. All of your favourite books placed in one unit.

 Number 24:

A futuristic bookshelf where you can relax and read in the same place.

 Number 25:

A spiral bookshelf on the wall looks exquisite and attractive.


 Number 26:

The concise zigzag bookcase is beautiful and elegant.


 Number 27:

The bookshelf is arranged in the form of arrows. It is up-to-date and stylish.

Source: Pinterest

Number 28:

A room divider with triangular wooden shelves looks very elegant and impressive.

 Number 29:

The large and spacious bookshelf has a unique circular design with small square boxes.

Number 30:

The cube-shaped compartments look very neat and immaculate. It is a great way to save space in a room with a lot of storage space.

Source: Pinterest

 Number 31:

The traditional brick style unit looks very amazing and stylish. You are going to love it if you are old school.

Number 32:

The luxurious and tall room divider is elegant and wonderful.

Source: Pinterest

 Number 33:

The bookshelf is built in the shape of a tree where branches serve as bookshelves. It is both practical and attractive.


 Number 34:

The old school wooden bookshelf is astonishing and well-designed.


 Number 35:

The bookshelf is shaped in the form of a globe and looks stunning and exquisite.


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