Unusual Design Ideas That Can Take Your House To Another Level – 44 Examples & Tips

Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Every one of us is unique, and a lot of us want to express our originality in a uniquely creative way in the place we spend most of our time, our home.
Steve Jobs once said, “Most people think design is what it looks like.” It’s not what it looks like or feels like; “the design is how it works.” We collected some unusual design ideas from the internet and hope they will inspire you.
Take a look at the creative ideas in these photos if you want to feel inspired to change your house and boost your creativity.

1. Architects refused to cut down local trees.

Never cut a local tree
Never cut down a local tree – Image Source: reddit.com

This tree was there before the building. This photo is from Turkey and the building is owned by an Islamic charity called Saruhanbey. They are known for their “neat” thinking as this example shows.

Tree in the house by Aibek Almassov
Tree in the house by Aibek Almassov – Image Source: amasow.com

This is a cylindrical glass home built around a fir tree. Almassov’s design offers four circular floors connected by a spiral staircase. As Dezeen points out, the bathroom’s rounded shower parallels the form of the building. Other furnishings take advantage of the home’s incredible views of the forest.

Lakeview residence from Alterstudio Architecture
Lakeview residence from Alterstudio Architecture – Image Source: alterstudio.net

The Lakeview Residence’s deck and roof are both punctured by big trees. The house was finished in 2011 and was designed by Alterstudio Architecture. based in Austin. Its inside is clearly defined and it is roomy. The deck is made more beautiful by the trees, although the interior is characterized by a distinct kind of beauty that is intimately connected to the welcoming atmosphere and décor.

Tea house in Shangai, China
Tea house in Shangai, China – Image Source: archi-union.com

The tree appears to be supporting the house, or more specifically, its cantilevered patio. The tree appears as a kind of watchman. It expands through the front deck and then penetrates the terrace, becoming a part of its structure and plan as it spreads out. The Tea House is a charming residence that can be found in Shanghai, China.

2. Creative pool

Beach entry pool
Beach entry pool – Image Source: piscinasdisersan.com

A beach entry pool will make your backyard watering hole feel like a lush resort pool. The nature-based aesthetic and practical design is ideal for families with small kids as well as singles looking to add a ‘wow’ factor to their homes.

Shark on the pool tiles
Shark on the pool tiles – Image Source

Keep calm and avoid sharks.

The pool above ground
The pool above ground – Image Source: Amazon.com

A swimming pool in your backyard is no longer a luxury. Times, when pools were only a rich and famous subject, include, now long past history. You can use natural stones around the pool to create your natural cozy resort.

A former banker for Goldman Sachs in New York has had a custom-built pool constructed shaped liked a violin
A former banker for Goldman Sachs in New York has had a custom-built pool constructed shaped like a violin – Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

A spectacular swimming pool design will make your backyard feel like a resort. The secret to designing a stylish swimming pool, from modern minimalist designs to more formal, complex ones, is to complement the landscape rather than compete with it.

3. Indoor slides

Wooden slide designed by Archology
Wooden slide designed by Archeology – Image Source

To provide you the choice of taking the stairs or the slide when you descend to the main floor, this curved wood staircase has a slide built-in directly next to it.

Slides inside homes are a fun way to add a unique element to your interior
Slides inside homes are a fun way to add a unique element to your interior – Image Source

Who needs a boring staircase? Slides inside homes are a fun way to add a unique element to your interior and make getting downstairs in hurry so much faster.

Giant stainless steel slide
Giant stainless steel slide – Image Source: turettarch.com

You can connect two floors with a giant stainless steel slide so both kids and adults can enjoy it. This is how the slide connects to the upper floor.

Concrete slide wraps around the outside
Concrete slide wraps around the outside – Image Source: deavita.fr

This waxed concrete “bobsled track” also wraps the exterior of this modern house in Indonesia to add a unique look to its facade as well. The tunnel to slide from one floor to another is designed by Aboday Architects; photographs are by Happy Lim.

4. Hammock floors

he Beaches, Toronto, Ontario Designer
The Beaches, Toronto, Ontario Designer – Image Source: @damonsnider_(IG)
The three-story residence
The three-story residence – Image Source: dezeen.com

The three-story residence in Rotterdam was designed by Dutch architects Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman on a tiny, approximately 3.4-meter-wide lot.

Saigon House
Saigon House – Credit: Quang Tran – Image Source

The Saigon House is a place dedicated to the old Saigon-Gia Dinh, or “Van Duong” Palace, a Saigonese architect’s masterpiece that has been damaged by the folly of people.

In addition, Saigon House represents our passion for the lanes of Saigon, which are beautiful in both the rain and the sun.

Interior for students
Interior for students – Credit: Ruetemple – Image Source: Houzz.com

Hammock floors, also sometimes called loft hammocks or loft nets, are typically made of durable polypropylene rope materials. Spread out flat and taught, they act as a playful extension of a floor. Luxurious and comfortable, they provide relaxing places to hang out or for kids to play. Some people even use hammock floors as beds given they provide a comfortable, weight-free sleep that doesn’t put pressure on sore backs.

5. Stained glass

The stained glass's vintage vibe contrasts
The stained glass’s vintage vibe contrasts by Laure Joliet – Image Source: laurejoliet.com

The stained glass’s vintage vibe contrasts beautifully with modern furnishings, offering privacy or concealing a less-than-pleasant view while yet letting in natural light.

 Color Stained Glass Door
Color stained glass door – Image Source: arminblasbichler.com

Pantone swatches were transformed into translucent slides to make this door. Very cool. (Supported by Armin Blasbichler Studio)

Victorian Bathroom, Austin | Photo by Clayton&Little Architects
Victorian bathroom, Austin | Photo by Clayton&Little Architects – Image Source: Houzz.com

Stained Glass Shower: This setting has a surreal quality.

Stained Glass Door - Deartarch
Stained glass doors DIY – Image Source: thehandmadehome.net

Stained-glass windows are typically found in churches, where they use a lovely confluence of light and color to portray teachings and important stories. Yet, a number of architects and homeowners buck the trend by incorporating colorful glass and light into both traditional and contemporary homes.

6. Murals can add charm to your space.

Dreaming unicorn individual wall decal set will – Image Source: Etsy.com

This beautiful dreaming unicorn individual wall decal set will add a real statement to your room!

Awesome wall decal set – Image Source: Etsy.com

This awesome wall decal set is the perfect way to add a touch of construction fun to your little one’s bedroom or playroom! Let their imaginations run wild with this beautiful watercolor-painted collection of trucks, diggers, tractors, and more!

Fairy Forest Flamingo Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids
Fairy forest flamingo peel-and-stick wallpaper for kids – Image Source: Etsy.com
Graffiti Wall Mural, Peel and Stick Wallpaper
Graffiti wall mural, peel-and-stick wallpaper – Image Source: Etsy.com

Perfect graffiti wallpaper for those who love the edgy and bold style of street art, this wallpaper is sure to make a statement and inspire creativity.

7. Star Ceilings – Bring the stars directly into your space.

 Home Cinema Star Ceiling - Deartarch
Home cinema star ceiling – Image Source: starceiling.com

Like so many home cinemas, the demo room has its stars in a coffered ceiling arrangement, enhancing the sense of depth in the “sky” above.

Star Celling Bilardo
Attic home ceiling – Image Source: starceiling.com

An Infinity star ceiling and LED tape lighting create just the mood for special movie nights.

Home loft cinema star ceiling
Home loft cinema star ceiling – Image Source: starceiling.com

2,800 individual fibers create this fabulous Starscape. The exposure of the photograph does not do justice to variation in star brightness which is one of the key features of Starscape’s Infinity system.

Cinema Room by Disley Electrical - Deartarch
Cinema Room by Disley Electrical – Image Source: starceiling.com

8. Chandeliers created out of recycled bottles and cups can liven up any space.

Handmade Wine Bottle Chandelier - Deartarch
Handmade wine bottle chandelier – Image Source: Etsy.com

Chandeliers have a reputation for being a costly, sophisticated home design item. They were once thought of as status symbols denoting wealth and luxury. Nonetheless, people have developed inventive ways to construct their own chandeliers because of advancements in DIY and “upcycling” options. Moreover, businesses have emphasized producing distinctive and reasonably priced designs. The best part is that it’s a fantastic method to recycle items that would otherwise be thrown away.

Each By Gordon Living wine bottle chandelier is made to order according to your desired specifications.
Each By Gordon Living wine bottle chandelier is made to order according to your desired specifications. – Image Source: custommade.com

The idiom “It’s always wine o’clock somewhere!” is backed up by this amazing wine bottle chandelier. The multicolored wine bottles are mounted from a wood ceiling mount after being chopped and sanded to mimic lampshades. It’s a gorgeous way to use bottles to make one-of-a-kind decor for your home and has a very vintage design. The wonderful part about creating it yourself is that you can modify it and do it however you want. You may have seen this technique in tiny eateries. This would be ideal if you had a bar area!

Tea Party Chandelier
Tea party chandelier – Image Source: hesterandcook.com

Tea time is here! Imagine you had an excess of teacups as well as ancient silverware. Then this Tea Party Chandelier is the solution to all your issues. This undertaking is not for novices. To make it look as professional as you can, you’ll need the right tools. Also, your intellect should be like a good puzzle. Everything used to create this chandelier includes a creamer, a teapot, numerous spoons, a silver tray, and teacups. It’s a really intricate sculpture that will be the topic of conversation at your upcoming tea party with the white rabbit, the mad hatter, and everyone else.

Hanging Beer Bottle Chandelier is a photograph by Donna Wilson – Image Source: pixels.com

You probably know someone who enjoys collecting beer bottles, so what better way to showcase them in their man cave than a beer bottle chandelier? Using various types of bottles is the way to go if you’re seeking a distinctive reflection because the glass hues and style give off a fantastic shine when the light hits them. Depending on your degree of ability and how elaborate you want to make your chandelier, there are numerous ways to do this project. Finding a few dozen bottles that would look fantastic together is the key to getting started. There are no boundaries!

9. Go for a modern creative sink.

Moody Aquarium Bathroom Sink Doubles As A Fish Tank
Moody aquarium bathroom sink doubles as a fish tank – Image Source: thisiswhyimbroke.com

It looks and acts like a typical sink and is located behind the mirror in your bathroom. It functions like any other sink, allowing you to wash your hands after wiping, brush your teeth, and set your supplies out on the counter. The only difference is that the entire thing is made of transparent glass.

Hammered Copper Sink - Deartarch
Hammered Copper Sink – Image Source: Etsy.com

Does your powder room require touch-ups? You’ve found it right here with us! When transforming this solid wood barrel into a vanity, we took great care to preserve and enhance its inherent beauty. We also added a hammered copper sink and a premium brushed, bronze broad faucet. A big door with a bronze grape draw is located on the barrel’s front and opens to provide storage space and an easy plumbing connection. The necessary hardware is provided. Why is our vanity unique? In addition to using high-quality materials and expertly hand-finishing it with matching faux-painted bands, it also receives 3 coats of long-lasting, gorgeous furniture lacquer for a lifetime of use. The end product is a distinctive and lovely vanity for your bathroom that we made!

Giant Clam Shell Bathroom Sink
Giant Clam Shell Bathroom Sink – Image Source: Etsy.com

The beauty of this sink is its versatility. It can look both elegant and contemporary it’s your choice.

Aquatica Abisco Stone Bathroom Sink
Aquatica Abisco Stone Bathroom Sink – Image Source: aquaticausa.com

Inspired by the waterfalls of Sweden’s Abisko National Park, the Abisco stone bathroom sink’s bold yet simple design forgoes the use of pipes and takes a cue from nature instead – allowing the water to gently flow down the sink to the floor drain below

10. Glow-in-the-dark wallpaper to enjoy the night sky every day.

Starry Sky Glow in the dark wallpaper Deartarch
Romantic Stars Moon Wallpaper – Image Source: Amazon.com
Stickers glow in the dark the head in the stars
Stickers glow in the dark the head in the stars – Image Source
Glowing Stars for Ceiling - Deartarch
Glowing Stars for Ceiling – Image Source: kanbkam.com
Moon Stars Wallpaper – Image Source: aliexpress.com

While working with glow-in-the-dark paint is incredibly rewarding, the best results call for some unique considerations. With the aim of saving you time, irritation, and perhaps even some money, we’ve put up this list based on our personal experience and customer feedback.

11. Bring nature inside your bathroom with a vertical garden.

Vertical garden in the bathroom
Vertical garden in the bathroom – Image Source: siolstudios.com

Nature is viewed as the origin and the home. In the 1980s, Edward O. Wilson coined the phrase “biophilic architecture and design,” which he defined as “a love of life and advocates reconnecting with nature.” It is based on the idea that humans need to be in touch with their roots in order to be happy and healthy.

Vertical gardens in bathroom
Vertical gardens in the bathroom – Image Source: noken.com

Vertical gardens are panels of plants that grow vertically, independently, or joined to the walls by means of hydroponics, an agricultural method for growing plants that use mineral solutions instead of agricultural soil as a type of support.

The environment in which natural elements are included
The environment in which natural elements are included – Image Source: noken.com

A built environment in which we include natural elements, whether through a visual, auditory, tactile, or olfactory connection improves people’s health. It conveys harmony, positivity, calmness, and energy. Beyond including plants or creating vertical gardens, the biophilic design goes further and interferes with other decisions such as designing the way of seeing a garden through the windows, improving the airflow, the ideal lighting which simulates natural light and shadows, or the use of natural and biodegradable materials. 

Fabulous Living Wall Vertical Bathroom Design
Fabulous living wall vertical bathroom design – Image Source: Houzz.com

Bathrooms with living wall gardens are an illustration of biophilic design. Although it won’t be found in all newly renovated bathrooms in the future, it’s a feature to think about if you want your bathroom to stand out. Also, because it will require ongoing maintenance, the feature should be carefully chosen.

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