Slides at Home: The Innovative Device That Turns Your Stairs into a Playground


Remember the SlideRider, that ingenious indoor slide you could attach to your stairs? If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your boring old staircase into a thrilling playground for your kids (or yourself), you’re not alone. In this article, we’re going to explore the exciting world of indoor stair slides, from the concept phase to the latest innovations that are bringing the joy of sliding into homes.

The SlideRider Concept

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The SlideRider was a groundbreaking concept designed by a group of inventors at Quirky. Quirky is a unique platform where innovative minds collaborate to turn creative ideas into tangible products. The SlideRider aimed to revolutionize indoor play by allowing you to transform your stairs into a giant slide.

The Features of the SlideRider

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The SlideRider was designed with safety and convenience in mind. It featured vibrant red and blue colors that appealed to children’s imaginations. What made it even more appealing was its ability to fold up neatly into a portable package. This feature made it easy to deploy the slide when playtime arrived and put it away when not in use.

Safety First

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Safety was a top priority when designing the SlideRider. It is securely attached to your stairs to prevent any unwanted movement during play. Plus, it included bumpers on each side and at the bottom to enhance safety. With the SlideRider, parents could rest easy knowing their children were having fun in a controlled and secure environment.

Convenience in Design

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One clever design choice was making the slide slightly narrower than a standard set of stairs. This allowed for a small walking space beside the slide, so you could easily climb back up the stairs after a thrilling descent.

Storage Made Simple

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The SlideRider had an elegant solution for storage. When not in use, it could be neatly folded up into a self-contained package. A strap would wrap around the entire slide to ensure it stayed securely in place. This made it easy to store the SlideRider anywhere in your home, although many found it most convenient to keep it near the top of the stairs for quick setup when needed.

The Fate of the SlideRider

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Despite its immense potential and the excitement it generated, the SlideRider, unfortunately, never made it to market. The reasons behind this remain unclear, but the concept left a lasting impression and an unfulfilled desire for indoor stair slides.

The Resurgence: Meet the Stairslide

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While the SlideRider may not have reached homes, the concept of indoor stair slides didn’t disappear. In fact, another company has recently brought a very similar idea to life. Enter the Stairslide!

Introducing the Stairslide

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The Stairslide is the modern answer to the indoor stair slide dream. It uses different pieces that you can connect together to create a slide on any length of stairs in your home. This means you can customize the slide to your staircase’s size and layout.

Partial Sliding

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One unique feature of the Stairslide is the ability to put a slide on just part of your stairs instead of covering the entire staircase. This flexibility allows you to adapt the Stairslide to your space and preferences. Whether you want a full-length adventure or a shorter, more manageable slide, the Stairslide has you covered.

Pack Options

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The Stairslide is available in two-pack options. The 4-pack can cover up to 9 stairs, while the 6-pack is ideal for homes with longer staircases. This variety ensures that there’s a Stairslide solution for different home configurations.

Built to Last

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The Stairslide is constructed from durable, lightweight ABS plastic. This material choice ensures longevity and easy handling. Each piece of the Stairslide measures approximately 43 inches long by 19 inches wide, providing ample sliding surface for endless fun.

The Stairslide’s Promise

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The Stairslide brings to life the dream of transforming your stairs into an indoor playground. Whether you have a compact staircase or a long flight of stairs, the Stairslide offers a customizable solution for an exhilarating sliding experience.


While the SlideRider may have remained a concept, its legacy lives on in innovations like the Stairslide. These ingenious inventions allow you to bring the joy of sliding into your home, offering a fun and interactive way to keep children entertained and active.

Whether it’s a partial slide for a short burst of excitement or a full-length adventure down the stairs, the Stairslide provides a versatile and customizable solution for families looking to add a dash of adventure to their homes. With easy setup and durable materials, the Stairslide promises hours of laughter and unforgettable memories.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to turn your stairs into a playground, you don’t need to wonder any longer. Thanks to innovations like the Stairslide, that dream is now a thrilling reality in homes around the world.

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Note: DEARTARCH is a partner of the Amazon Associate program and other affiliate programs. This means we do not handle any of the products shown on the website. We earn a small commission for referring sales through one of the links placed on our website. Thanks.

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