Innovative Kids Bedroom Designs to Inspire – Examples & Tips

You will find our hand-picked top beautiful innovative kids’-bedroom designs for parents in this article.

For all-around development, you should have a well-decorated bedroom for your kids.

Apart from school, kids spend most of their time in their bedrooms, and therefore, casual bedroom designing can affect their mindset.

Number 1:

Girls often like gentle pink and white colors
Girls often like gentle pink and white colors – Image Source:

Well, if you don’t have any kid’s bedroom design ideas, you don’t have to worry. Just go through the following points to get innovative kids’ bedroom design tips:

Matt Finish Wall With Heart Shape Sticker

When it comes to designing the wall for kids’ bedrooms, it must be as smooth as the skin of kids. This is why we will recommend going with a matt finish wall.

Moreover, you can different types of stickers such as hearts, leaves, and rectangles on top of it in order to give it a more dynamic look.

Stickers Of Animals

Kids are more curious than adults and this is why the stickers of animals must be there when it comes to kids’ bedroom design.

Yes, you can go for large-size crocodile or rabbit stickers to cover the walls of kids. For crocodiles, you can use glossy green, and for the rabbit, you can go with rich pink for the background color.

Pillow Covers With Funny Animal Faces

Number 2:

Disney's Mickey Orange 100% Cotton Twin Single Duvet Cover Set
Disney’s Mickey Orange 100% Cotton Twin Single Duvet Cover Set – Image Source:

Pillow covers are used to cover the pillows to keep them dust-free.

Well, choosing the layout for pillow covers play very important when the matter is inextricably related to kids’ bedroom design ideas.

Kids grab, play, and throw pillows most of the time, and therefore, pillow covers with funny animal faces will make a good impression on kids’ minds.

Number 3:

Funny Bear Wallpaper
Funny Bear Wallpaper – Image Source:

Moreover, these funny animals will titillate their creativity and they will really enjoy having them in their arms.

Light Crème Comforter

Number 4:

Image Source:

A comforter is a kind of fluffy blanket filled with synthetic fibers and it is an ideal choice for decorating kids’ beds.

But, in such a case, the color of the comforter matters the most. Never go for a rich-colored comforter for a kid’s bedroom design as it will stimulate strong feelings in them. For a kid, this is not suitable.

Instead of having rich colors, you can go for light colors such as light crème, white, pink, and many more. Light-colored comforter not only gives cozy nights to your kids but also maintains a soft ambiance in the room.

Number 5:

Heros Wallpapers – Image Source:


When it comes to the flooring of the kid’s bedroom design, you can go for a woody texture or you can use glossy marble. Both look attractive and create a good impression on your guests.

Soft Lighting

Number 5:

Image source: Pinterest

When it comes to lighting for kids’ bedroom design ideas, you have to be careful.

Don’t go for chandeliers and pendant lights kids can break them easily and they might harm themselves with the broken pieces.

Recessed lighting is the best option for kids’ bedroom design. It is completely safe for the kids and it also creates an awesome effect in the room.

So, don’t wait. Decorate your kids’ bedroom with these innovative ideas right now.

Number 6:

Fluffy Small Carpets On the Floor

Image source: Pinterest

Kids have a tendency to fall and if they fall on fluffy carpets, they will not feel any sort of physical pain. Moreover, it can protect their toys from breaking apart into pieces.

Fluffy small carpet is an ideal choice for the design of kids’ bedrooms.

Number 7:

Image source: Pinterest

Number 8:

Image source: Pinterest

Number 9:

Image source:

Number 10:

Image source: Pinterest

Number 11:

Image source: Pinterest

Number 12:

Image source:

Number 13:

Image source:

Number 14:

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What design would you choose for your kids? Let us know in the comments.

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