The Black Villa In Harriman State Park – A Masterpiece By Reza Mohtashami, Harriman State Park, New York, USA

The Black Villa In Harriman State Park is a masterpiece by the Reza Mohtashami. We have added some information about him. So, don’t miss the following points.

Have you heard about Reza Mohtashmi?

Of course, yes! he is one of the promising architects in the world. Reza created an example after designing this incredible Black Villa, located in Harriman State Park, New York. Well, he is popular for his unique constructions and layouts all over the world. His design of squad Reyhaneh Daneshmandi and Elham Daneshmandi established this spacious and beautiful villa. Firstly, you should know that Harriman is the second-largest park in the New York state. The spot is remarkable for 31 lakes, numerous streams, social camping areas, and tremendous vistas. People prefer this area for hiking mostly because you will see more than 200 miles (320 km) of hiking tracks over here.

Know More About The Design Of The Black Villa

As the name of the house suggests, Black Villa has everything black with stunning interior designs and elegant exteriors. Of course, the most enchanting feature of this Black Villa is an open living area with a high skylight that takes most of the ceiling. You will agree that a living room is a warmest and cozy place in any home. Generally located in the middle of a residence, it naturally becomes a social hub that everybody cheers to relax in. The living room has well-maintained design; plenty of natural lighting comes. Well, the light arrangements over the sitting area perfectly make an eye-soothing contrast with its wall design. This dusky black colour of the wall design gives a majestic and lofty look because of these light arrangements.  

The whole house has a fine art of wood embedded with black colour while giving an antique royal look to all furnished items. While talking about artistic woodwork with a black coloured design, the kitchen of the black villa portrays a soul-gripping look. The floor space, cabinets, and walls of the kitchen come up with artistic design. Of course, the designer used all contrasting colours to make the kitchen’s dull interior, a sublime and majestical piece of art. People believe that the taste of food relies on the interior outlook of a kitchen and the mood of the person who cooks food.

Front house from a different view, pool angle. Source: Reza Mohtashami 

The appealing view of its interior would not only fascinate your soul but also maximize your appetite to your fullest.

There is a dining area with a dining table made of dark wood just behind the living room, which beautifully gets on with the remainder of the house’s theme. Of course, there are two large spiral-shaped hanging pendant lanterns just above the dining table to sprinkle a suitable amount of lighting. Moreover, the glasswork over the walls of the dining hall works as a projector and presents a dazzling sight to the people having a meal at the table. The people get unforgettable memories after the meal just because of such interior beauty.  Black is a famously universal and perpetually fashionable colour, and it instantly makes any room looks more modern and antique at the same time. If we talk about bedrooms, all of them have furnished black colour theme.

Living room from another angle. Source: Reza Mohtashami 

The bedrooms are quite elegant where furniture and other things are made of pure shining wood.

From lying down to the headboard, everything is maintained in various specks of black. Moreover, the beds and other wooden items have been decorated with crystal stones to enhance the charm of black colour and beautify the stunning look of bedrooms’ interiors.

A bedroom should be a warm and cheering place at the end of the day, and a fireplace is an excellent solution for turning a plain space into super-cozy sleeping areas. Whether you utilize it to put in extra heat or barely maintain style and architectural look, a fireplace instantly elevates a room’s beauty. Of course, the main bedroom has a fireplace exclusively furnished with stones to create a wonderful environment inside. No matter if you want to read a book at a cozy place or you need a warm sleep after a busy day, your emotions get intensified in such a wonderful room environment. 

Bedroom design. Source: Reza Mohtashami 

Let me describe another ingredient – the royal looking stones which have added much beauty to the entire house.

The amazing light shades of grey stones and beautiful darkest shades of black stones have wrapped the whole wall. In fact, the wall of the hallway has a shining stones decoration. The abundance of stonework can be seen in the whole building as the washrooms are also equipped with them. Well, the bathtubs in the bathrooms are decorated with small-sized stones to give a refreshing look to tubs. 

Most of you people might love the black colour, and if you really do, this house might prove to be a model house for you. In fact, the black artwork has given the house’s interior a sophisticated look and enhanced the charm of wall decorations. There are not only one or two amazing things, but the whole residence has numerous facets that provoke its ultra-modern and sumptuous views. Well, there are these floating wooden stairs right behind the dining area, which correlate the lower and upper portions. Little corridor space with some antique art pieces and high ceilings is another attractive architectural aspect.

The lounge has been designed in a really organized way, and the setting has such perfection that nobody will even give a second thought to change it.

Sitting near the fireplace, reading a book, looking outside the window while enjoying fair weather, and chirping birds are some activities that warm the heart and fill it with peace and satisfaction. The features described above are just a few aspects, only as the whole house has extra-ordinary elements that are not described yet. Whether it is a corridor or the main bedroom or the dining area, the whole house is such a model piece of ultra-modern architecture. This gem architecture is a cogent and plausible place where everybody wants to live once in a life. 

Project name: Black Villa

Architecture firm: Atelier Reza Mohtashami

Principal architect: Reza Mohtashami 

Design team: Reyhaneh Daneshmandi, Elham Daneshmandi

Location: Harriman State Park, New York StateUnited States

Deasign year: 2020

Built area: 400 m²

Site area: 9600 m²

Visualization: Reza Mohtashami

Tools used: Autodesk 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Revit, Vray, Adobe Photoshop

Status: Concept – Design 

Front view of house from up. Source: Reza Mohtashami 
Front view exterior house design. Source: Reza Mohtashami 
Second floor.  Source: Reza Mohtashami 
Bathroom design. Source: Reza Mohtashami 
Living room . Source: Reza Mohtashami 
Living room from another angle. Source: Reza Mohtashami 
Dining table. Source: Reza Mohtashami 
Living room  from another angle. Source: Reza Mohtashami 
Living room from a another angle. Source: Reza Mohtashami 
Living room from another angle. Source: Reza Mohtashami 

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