Small Wooden Table Designs to Bring Nature Inside Your Home

Are you a nature lover who wants to design a home interior with beautiful natural pieces? We have here some ideas for you. One of the brilliant ways to make your home more naturalistic is to include small wooden tables in your home. These tables are not just unique but also elegant. With their ultra-strength, these tables will surely last you for a very long time. An intelligent way to bring nature inside your home is to incorporate naturalistic furniture pieces in your home. The tables are an everyday use item found almost in every room of the house. They are essential for every household.

Small Wooden Table Designs

 The wooden table designs have been popular for quite a while. They are unique and practical. A great way to add style to your home with minimum effort. These are built with special care and attention to detail, making them different and better from all other table designs. Everyone wants a piece of furniture in their homes that will bring them closer to nature. These naturalistic small wooden tables are a great way to connect with nature with the best pieces.

Ideas for wooden table designs

Your quest for the perfect and ideal table designs ends here. We have chosen some uniue small wooden table designs which will impress for sure. These designs are striking and built to win your heart.

Number 1:

It is an elegant and attractive wooden table. It has a marble finish and impressive design with durability to last you a long time.

Source: Pinterest

Number 2:

The flower-shaped table with black metal legs looks exquisite and stunning. It is an excellent addition to your room or lounge.


Number 3:

The white marble top with an abstract body looks very artistic and unique. It will brighten up you place with its superb design.

Source: Pinterest

Number 4:

The table is made from the finest wood and looks luxurious. The design is unique and impressive.

Source: Pinterest

Number 5:

If you like strange yet exceptional table designs, this is perfect for you. The abstractly shaped table is gorgeous and fabulous.

Number 6:

This is a dining table with a fine finish and grand design. The brown hue of the wood stands out and attracts everyone.


Number 7:

The artistic table has a glass top for a classic finish. The table complements the wooden art piece on the wall as well.


 Number 8:

This wooden table is very striking and unique with a rectangular glass top.

 Number 9:

The dark wood table is undoubtedly a great piece with intricate design and attractive details.

Source: Pinterest

Number 10:

The contrast of dark and light wood on the table is remarkable and artistic.

Source: Pinterest

 Number 11:

A small wooden table with a great design. The shiny laminated top of the wooden table is stunning and gorgeous. The metal pillars of the tables are very durable and long-lasting.


Number 12:

 It is a small and impressive table.

 Number 13:

This wooden table will look great in a drawing-room. The vintage aesthetic of the table is quite impressive and attractive.

Source: Pinterest

 Number 14:

The top of the table is made from wood and resin both. It is unique and elegant.


 Number 15:

A cosy looking table with a great space and delicate design. It is sophisticated and striking and will look absolutely stunning in a lounge.

 Number 16:

An abstract design table is a fantastic and splendid addition to your home. It is built with great attention to detail and fine engineering.


 Number 17:

The glass top of the table with a wooden body with dark texture is attractive. It is a classic vintage table with a graceful style.


 Number 18:

The rick wooden hue of the table grabs your attention immediately. It is a fine piece of furniture built with perfection.

 Number 19:

A large table which has an impressive and attractive design.

Source: Pinterest

 Number 20:

The oval-shaped table with a delicate design is stunning and gorgeous. If you want a classic and stylish table for your home, you should definitely get this one.

 Number 21:

The wooden log and glass top of this small and fantastic table definitely looks very impressive and unique.


 Number 22:

If you are a nature lover, you will love this one. The table is built with inside space for plants and pots—a great way to add some freshness to your backyard.

Source: Pinterest

 Number 23:

The wooden piece of furniture with glass shelves are stunning and remarkable.

Number 24:

The long wood log with some metal infrastructure can serve as the TV table. It is both impressive and large enough to fit your gaming console or PlayStation.


Number 25:

This minimalistic table with a glass top and wooden log is modish and straightforward—a great addition to the living area.

  Number 26:

This table can serve as your side table for your beds. It is small and beautiful. You can place a neat plant on the table for decoration.

 Number 27:

The rectangular wooden table has a unique design where it is empty in the middle. The glass top is immaculate and stunning.

 Number 28:

The low height Japanese style table is impressive and superb. The round table design of the table is unique and beautiful.


Number 29:

The abstract table has a glass top and amazing details. It is undoubtedly a striking and extraordinary table.


Number 30:

 The table has a unique design and depicts that all the pieces are held together by bandages, a modern artistic concept with depth and intelligence trapped in the design.

Source: Pinterest

Number 31:

The large and long table with delicate wooden style is a vintage designed table with a modern twist. It is a multipurpose table as it can be used as a dining table or TV table as well.


 Number 32:

A striking piece with a fluorescent bulb in the middle.

Source: Pinterest

Number 33:

This is a unique chair as it has a wooden back and wooden seat as well.

Number 34:

Another impressive piece to illuminate your living area or dining room. The bulb in the middle of the wooden piece is stunning.

Source: Pinterest

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