Tips For Dealing With Libraries In Your Staircase Area

“A home without books is a body without a soul”.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Books are one of the most powerful tools for gaining spiritual richness because they include some of the most eloquent expositions of all that is within the human ability to know; human awareness of such universal notions gives us a metaphysical path to the beyond. Sometimes all we need to do is stand in front of a wall of books to feel soothed and take a big breath.

Sometimes we have so many books that even a whole page of wall space is insufficient. At times, our living environment may not be large enough to accommodate the formation of a reading room or appropriate space for the establishment of a library. Thus, in a duplex or multi-story house, one of the locations where we may maximize its usage and give it the role we need is the space beneath the stairs, on the sides, or in the corner formed by the steps

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In other circumstances, the space formed beneath the steps might be a negative space that we don’t know how to utilize. Among the various functions that we might assign to that location is the creation of a library. This library design approach may be used not only when there is no place for a library, but it can also be used to emphasize the significance of books and reading. The concentration of books in the crucial area of the vertical movement causes family members to come across the books on a daily basis and occasionally pause to pick one up to read.

There are numerous methods to design the library area as long as it combines nicely with the general design of the house and the space designated for the library. Below we will present some ideas you may look into and fit into your home. 

Do you recall the old bookshops that, when they had filled all of the shelves with books, began putting them on the floor? Despite the fact that their options are limited due to a lack of space, that atmosphere may turn out to be a distinctive and appealing style for many. Especially for individuals who appreciate antique or retro design. Placing books on each step in their corner, adjacent to the wall, would be the best option for fans of old books, with antique style, with the dust of time.

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If you have a wide area and the stair treatment is in the traditional style with iron railings, you may carry this element of decoration into the wall arrangement with a wall paper. If the thickness of the wall permits, you may build library areas for books, as seen in the photo below.

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If the space does not permit it and you have used attractive metal shackles, you may build your own bookshelf in the location where the railings would be installed. It not only finds a place for books in this shape, but it also provides a spatial separation from the rest of the room. It also adds to the safety of utilizing the ladder. You may paint the library the same color as the stairs to make it appear to be a well-thought continuation of the same element design.

Bookshelf created at sides of the stairs – Image source: pin interest

A bookshelf is incorporated into the stairway, and the entire space is designed in a consistent and attractive style. You may fill the entire area beneath the stairway with as many books as you like. This gives the treatment a solid appearance.  Bookshelf divisions can also be done in irregular forms to add more art to them. The materials can be MDF, or natural wood depends on how the stairs have been designed.  The same idea as the books beneath the side steps, but you might want to extend that pattern to the front wall as well. As a result, when viewed from a distance, the entire wall is covered in books. White is recommended because it creates the illusion of more space.

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If the space allows it, another innovative method to store books in the stairway is to install shelves on the side of the wall and the lower level floor space to be furnished and configured as a reading nook through chairs and other components that give harmony and aesthetic value. Because it allows for the production of the necessary height space, this form of treatment is easier to make when the design of the house’s staircase is linear or L-shaped.

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Library and reading corner – Image source: pin interest

Using the same principle, the area beneath the staircase might be utilized not just as a library with bookshelves but also as a slit and used for other purposes. Half of it may be a bookcase, while the other half can be used to create a working atmosphere with a desk. The connected wall can be ornamented with picture frames or paintings, or it can be left plain. If you want to add additional flair to the interior, you may match the bookcase material with the stair material as well.

Library and working corner – Image source: pin interest

In many houses, a flat space is created at the level where the floors are connected to one other by the beam, which is frequently used for dust collection. This space may be well utilized for storing books there. It also adds elegance and aesthetic value to the treatment of the interior section of the wall in this manner. A similar effect may be obtained if the stairs are attached to the wall where the lower and higher floor beams create a vacuum. Horizontal wood planes can be used to fill the void. You not only provide plenty of room for books, but you also enrich and make a statement on the wall.

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Library on top of the floor beam or between beams – Image source: pin interest

Another extremely useful use may be achieved under the designs of the back stairs. If the stair risers are formed of right-angled planes, the area beneath the steps can be used to store books. As a result, the same scale may be used for both vertical movement and book storage.

The library is hidden at the back of the staircase steps – Image source:

Then, if you have the room, you may include a full wall library with the staircase utilization if you want to go for a more dramatic and majestic vibe for the library. To create a pleasant and stimulating indoor reading space, utilize light materials, white color materials, or even wood elements. A book that inspires people to go and feel immersed in the depths of reading.

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Fascinating and magnificent home library – Image source: pin interest

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