Corner Shelf Designs To Get The Best From The Empty Corner Space

Corner shelf designs are something that people are looking for in this modern time. Yes, when it comes to home interior design, most people overlook the corner parts. Yes, it is something that plays a very important role in the overall interior design of your house. Therefore, it is very essential to give preference to the corner shelf designs. If you have an ordinary interior design, an amazing corner shelf design can turn the ordinary design into an extraordinary. However, achieving amazing corner shelf design is not as easy as it looks. There are many architectural studios are working hard so that they can deliver satisfactory design.

DEARTARCH is a renowned platform where you will get different types of kitchen designs, bedroom designs, interior designs and house designs. Well, this platform also covers the corner shelf designs. So, if you are looking for corner shelf designs, you are in the right place. Here, we have elaborated 23 ideas for corner shelf designs. These designs can turn an empty corner to alluring and enchanting.

Corner Shelf Designs

Corner shelf can be used to put different types of things. But, if you give it a cluttered design, it can hamper the overall interior design of your house. Therefore, you must know amazing corner shelf designs. At DEARTARCH, we share a wide range of corner shelf designs ideas. Yes, you can have floating box shaped angular corner shelf designs. Apart from this, you can go with wooden texture. Well, you can also have white or black coloured floating corner shelf designs. All these designs look very attractive. Moreover, you can also put some indoor plants over the shelves to enhance the overall look. Anyway, we have already explained different types of corner shelf designs here. So, if you want to implement these ideas, run into the following points:

Number 1:

Install a monochrome and zigzag shelf unit in that empty corner. This is a sophisticated and beautiful design. The top and bottom of the unit have cabinets so you can store dainty things in it.


Number 2:

This is a lovely and simple shelf. It features intricate work. Place some decoration pieces to brighten up the place.


Number 3:

This is a minimalistic corner with a concise and artistic shelf. The grey and black tones look attractive.


Number 4:

The corner has a spacious and practical wooden shelf. It is perfect to use as a book shelving unit.

Number 5:

The white shelf on a grey corner is enchanting. Add some colors to the shelf with small plants and a photo frame.


Number 6:

A sophisticated and elegant shelf in fine wood. It is elegant and features a lovely clock.


Number 7:

These shelves are perfect for covering a large corner. It has a unique design and fine structure carved with wood.

Source: Pinterest

Number 8:

A zigzag wooden shelf adores the walls. Some separate shelves are attached to the side for extra storage.

Number 9:

This is a graceful and stylish shelf unit. It is ideal with a table on the side.


Number 10:

This is a modest shelf unit in a corner. The shelves are made out of wood, so they are quite durable.


Number 11:

The beautiful dark wood shelves are embedded in the white wall for a unique and trendy look. Add some antique pieces on the shelves for a refined look.


Number 12:

A wooden shelf carved with perfection is mounted on a teal wall. It is a luxurious and lovely combination.


Number 13:

The shelves are impressive and unique with a dark brown tint. The color contrast is simple yet mesmerizing.


Number 14:

A black, compact shelf with a white corner looks very elegant and chic. Decorate the shelf with some vintage books and a teapot.


Number 15:

This is a vibrant red shelf with a peculiar shape. It is meant to impress the masses with its enchanting design.


Number 16:

This is a light brown shelf on a white brick wall—a very suave and gorgeous design for the corner.


Number 17:

A minimalistic shelf with brown hues mounted a white wall. The white decoration pieces are very neat and modish.


Number 18:

This a modest shelving unit with three shelves. The shelves are decorated with beautiful pieces.

Number 19:

A grand fine wooden shelving unit looks majestic with white décor. It is built with eye-catching details.


Number 20:

A monochrome look with a white shelf on a white wall. The owl and the flowers are very trendy and cultured.


Number 21:

This shelving unit is ideal for serving as a gaming unit. It has many compartments. You can easily place your X-Box on the bottom shelf.

Source: Pinterest

Number 22:

A chic and neat shelf in a vibrant mustard hue. It looks very trendy and modern with a shiny finish.

Number 23:

This is a gorgeous black and compact shelf. The décor is very urbane and striking.


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